Tag Heuer Takes Us Back In Time With The Museum In Motion Exhibition At Birks

Time Well Spent!

Tag Heuer: A Time Traveling Experience

Tag Heuer is a pioneer brand from Switzerland that has set the standards for luxury watches and accessories since its inception in 1860 . More than a century of craftsmanship and innovation were instilled in their products and on December 5th, they’ve partnered with the luxury retailer expert Birks to remind Montrealers what greatness is really all about.

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Greatness in the form of an exhibition called ”Museum In Motion”. As the the title would suggest, Tag Heuer is taking you on a trip down memory lane through their iconic watches. Masterpieces that go back all the way to 1911 with the ”Trip Of Time” which was originally designed for aircrafts and automobiles with the first 12-hour dashboard designed by the company.

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Cc: Cid Merisier

Visitors also get to rediscover some of their classics such as the 1965 Carrera. To this day, it’s considered as the top selling model for the brand. It works like a timeline, you can  go to 1968 with the Autavia Models and then up to their 1972 watch named after the city of Montreal.

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As you go up on that timeline, you get a full sense of the different innovations, the trends invented and what it took for the brand’s name to carry on for so long. You get a close view at the inside’s mechanism and you can even try on some models to see how it feels to wear a piece of history.

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Cc: Cid Merisier


The experience takes place in a serene atmosphere filled with champagne, great laughter, conversations, guided tours and a racing theme decor.

In fact, Tag Heuer made a name for itself by aligning their brand with some of the most iconic racers in history.  Even Gilles Villeneuves was once sponsored by the brand and now names like Alexander Rossi carry the torch. This tradition also translates in the exhibition by integrating those athletes helmets into the show.

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Cc: Cid Merisier

Just to make the experience more immersive, the helmets are autographed by Hollywood actors Chris Hemsworth and Patrick Dempsey, Rossi himself and turned into an art piece by Art Provocateur.

Museum In Motion” has 40 pieces coming from the brand’s own Switzerland museum and private collectors. Since it’s the first time ever that its been displayed in Canada, the exhibition is opened until January 31st and its free of charge.

Museum In Motion

630 West Ste-Catherine Street (next to Birks )




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