Aliana Lohan Opens Up About Her Music Career And More In This Live Interview


Aliana Lohan Opens Up About Her Music Career And More In This Live Interview

Aliana Lohan Is Taking The World By Storm With Her New Single ”Long Way Down”

Aliana Lohan might fall into the child star category for some but there’s more to this young woman whose now transitioning into adulthood in front of our very eyes.

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From singing for her Christmas debut at 5 years old, modeling and acting in her teens and early adult life, Aliana dived into artistry for as long as she can remember.  2018 was the time for Aliana Lohan, 24 years old, to find what drives her the most and thanks to her inner child maybe; music was her IT.

Last week, we did a live chat with Miss Lohan to talk about her new single called ”Long Way Down”. We wanted to have her raw opinion about the trajectory for her career, what inspires her and what her creative process looks like.

You would think that an artist with so much resources and connections wouldn’t be that much involved in the process. As she was singing some of Nina Simone’s notes throughout the interview, it made it clear for listeners that in fact she’s a purist and that she lives, breathes and sleeps music.

For this special interview, we had Petrona Joseph on set to do a live chat with the artist via IG live. What started as a casual conversation turned out to be the most impactful and honest interview we had this year.

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We couldn’t get an official date for the album release but we’ll definitely keep ya’ll updated but expect some surprises from Aliana in 2019.

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