Licence IV Is Now Taking Over The Old Port Of Montreal And Your Pallet Too

À La Française

Licence IV Is Now Taking Over The Old Port Of Montreal And Your Pallet Too

There’s A New Spot Coming To The Old Port Of Montreal & Here’s What You Need To Know

Licence IV is a restaurant that gave Griffintown a taste à la française for years but now it’s time for the Old Port of Montreal to get the Licence IV treatment.

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Kicking off the Grand Prix festivities and their relocation to the Old Port Of Montreal.

Licence IV is doing their soft opening with a special menu for the occasion.

New location but yet the same love for french cuisine and attention to details.

In addition to their usual menu they have a special menu for the Grand Prix.

licence iv, old port of montreal, montreal restaurant, grand prix montreal

Cc; Licence IV

Pork Ribs, plates of hot or cold seafood.

Oysters, lobsters, salmon, octopus and everything good things has to offer.

Licence IV makes it their duty to keep the french meal courses and cooking techniques authentic to the city of light’s traditions.

Also to make sure everybody’s in the zone, they will have Dj Laura Silva on the 1’s and 2’s.

dj Laura Silva

Cc; Dj Laura Silva

The soft opening is set for June 1st at their new location and please don’t let your pallet miss this opportunity.

Now located at 143 rue St-Paul, Licence IV is giving a new look to the Old Port Montreal à la française quoi!

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