How A Local Restaurant In Montreal Is Building An Empire Through The Pandemic

How A Local Restaurant In Montreal Is Building An Empire Through The Pandemic

A Success Story For Once….

I feel like like everything I’ve wrote in the past few months is either Covid-related, pessimistic or simply a reflection of how this current climate is affecting my mood BUT somehow this incredible story I’m about to tell you about a local restaurant in Montreal has taught me how through adversity there are people who manage to pull through.

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In times like these, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed but let me tell you what I’ve learned: you can only be overwhelmed by what you decide to intensely focus on.

You’ve read the same headlines as me. You saw people losing it all (and sometimes even their life).

Turning the TV was a constant influx of bad news on top of each other.

One thing that really caught my eye and saddened me simultaneously was how some of my favorite restaurants had a hard time to survive through multiple lockdowns-then-back-open-then-lockdown-again.

I mean, take a walk on the St-Hubert plaza and try to make me believe that this is not a terrible remake of Silent Hill.

While the food industry was in disarray , Brahms Yaiche and the cofounders of Slice+Soda saw the bigger picture; a reallllllllllllly big one actually.

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While some establishments were closing down, firing employees left and right, the people at Slice+Soda decided to rethink the ENTIRE industry.

If you’re not familiar, Slice+Soda is a local restaurant in Montreal that serves fresh-out-the-oven pizza along with homemade drinks.

Inspired by the typical Brooklyn, New York, pizza spot, the brand is taking the province by storm by expanding through the pandemic.

Indeed, while the restrictions may have affected a lot of restaurants that focused on the dining experience; Slice+Soda decided to improve what was already working for them.

They’ve adapted early by completely getting rid of the dining room, pushing for smaller production teams while reintroducing Quebecers to the ”street food” culture.

slice+soda, local restaurant in montreal, montreal restaurants

Their 1st location rapidly became the place to go once the world got shutdown.

It was only right that the rest of the city would get a taste but what was coming next is definitely one for the books.

Believe it or not, Slice+Soda is expanding  in the middle of a world pandemic.

A location on Monkland is coming, one in the south and north shores of Montreal and even further down north of the province.

On top of that, they’re also coming with their own product lines which will include sauces and different elements that they use in their own recipe.

slice+soda, local restaurant in montreal, montreal restaurantsslice+soda, local restaurant in montreal, montreal restaurants

Most of the locations will have their own décor, vibe and will blend in with their respective neighborhood.

Interestingly enough, a part of this expansion is also to create a training center for those interested in the art of making pizza.

It seems like they’re not planning on pushing the brakes anytime soon and personally I love to see it.

Stories like these remind me that we all have the same 12 months and 24 hours days; what we choose to do with them is clearly what makes the difference.

What’s even more philosophical is the fact that I’m taking a quick last bite at my pizza slice as I’m writing these words; full circle ain’t it?


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