Discover Shah Frank An Artist Redefining R&B In Montreal

Rhythm And Blues like we like it

Discover Shah Frank An Artist Redefining R  038 B In Montreal

Shah Frank Is Bringing Something New To The Game

I don’t know if it’s destiny or things happen to me just by happenstance but I feel like somehow my journey made me cross path with everybody that will eventually become household names in Montreal and to me Shah Frank is one of them.

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For context, I’ve first met Shah Frank when we were both working at a call center.

I was young, trying to figure stuff out with an Instagram page called Montrealgotstyle and she was a R&B artist signed to a label.

Although it was brief, when we met she told me about her dreams of making it in the music industry and how she had put everything on the line to make it happen.

What was shocking to me at the time is the fact she told that she put behind her a potential career in law for music .

Something told me that she was special, she had something and I felt very inspired by her determination.

Fast forward today, she just released her first album, she’s critically acclaimed by media platforms, getting love from all over the world and I’m writing these words on this online media platform that happens to be my then Instagram page.

Easy to say we both came a long way so when I received an interview request from her and her team, I couldn’t help but smiling and think about how life does work in mysterious ways.

To celebrate the release of her album titled Stellaria Story, we’ve asked Shah Frank to expand on the journey from her early stages to the release of her project, her inspirations and much more.

MGS: Back when we first met, you’ve told me that although your parents were very supportive, they strongly recommended you to get your diploma before pursuing music. How did that discussion go and was it hard to still go after your dream while studying law?

It was challenging not only because of my parents not approving of me giving up on law to concentrate solely on music. I know they want me to be happy so the hardest part was to see how worried they were for my future. It took some time but when they saw people’s reaction to my music, that’s when they became more supportive and now they even share my songs with their friends and family. It’s a great feeling ! Still had to get that law degree though… 

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Cc: avril magazine

MGS: You’ve been on a label and also an independent artist even before the streaming era, what is the difference now and do you like it?

It’s more of a hybrid situation with the label. I still own my masters but the difference now is that I have less weight on my shoulders. 

MGS: What was the hardest part of your journey so far as an artist?

Letting go to find my own lane and create a sound that is different. 

MGS: I’ve noticed that you have an insane work ethic. What keeps you going these days?

shah frank, avril magazine

Cc: avril magazine

I imagine what my life would be if I’d stop and I hate it so i keep going. 

MGS: How did you know your music career was going where you wanted it to?

I didn’t. Truth is I took a leap of faith and jumped both feet into this because I could feel myself slip away trying to become what my parents wanted me to be. 

MGS: Recently it seems like you’ve found your own sound which is totally outside of the box sonically. How did you develop yourself as an artist and how did you feel after this process?

The process never really stops. Real artists are always developing themselves and pushing to be a better version of who they were yesterday. I am proud of who I’ve become but I know there’s so much more ahead and that keeps me excited for the future.

MGS: What do you think about the overall scene for R&B singers in Montreal?

I think they’re not enough of us out here. The focus is more on other music genre. It would be great to lift the talented R&B artists from the city to new heights! 

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MGS: Which song is the most dear to your heart on the album and why?

I’d have to go with Ride or Die for the song I’m most proud of but I really love them all. They each have a different piece of my personality in them. The whole project is me in 7 songs for the year 2020.

MGS What’s next for Shah Frank?

A beautiful showcase for the virtual launch of Stellaria Story in collaboration with Amnistie International Canada Francophone on my Facebook page, November 28.


Stream The New Album Stellaria Story Here 





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