Goalcast Is Hosting A Virtual Recruitment For Creators And This Could Change Your Life

A Dream Come True

Goalcast Is Hosting A Virtual Recruitment For Creators And This Could Change Your Life

Goalcast Is Paving The Way For Creators In A Major Way

Even though people may give the small town label to Montreal, you would be surprised to hear about all the major companies, actors and startups who started here only to take over the world later on. Goalcast is definitely one of them.

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Goalcast is what a modern media company should look and operate like.

They have a 360 offering. A website full of articles and the icing on the cake to me is their extensive video catalog that seems to exponentially grow on a daily basis.

From Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and more, their presence is always felt and the impact is undeniable.

They focus on publishing inspiring and motivational content about either some of your favorite stars or regular people with a powerful story.

With over 500 million views on a monthly basis you would think the company would be satisfied with their current growth but somehow they were able to see beyond the hype.

There’s this defining moment where a business can either stay in their lane and play it safe or innovate and bet it all on the table.

I can tip my hat to Goalcast because not only they’re looking at the bigger picture but they want to do it by involving the sea of talents we have in Montreal.

In the future, the media empire will provide original content such as short documentaries and short films.

On top of that, they want to make sure they are  produced by creators from Montreal.

Tomorrow at 11:30, they’re hosting a virtual recruitment event  to let you peep inside their universe and what’s in for you as a creator.

Beyond the creators, they have roles in every department and they’re looking to scale by 50% by the end of q1

You have the possibility to work remotely and they have new age kind of work environment that includes a meditation room and a sauna (never the less).

With an international reach and a forever growing audience, this could be your chance to get your work noticed.

The event is called Go Higher With Goalcast and you can snignup on Eventbrite



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