Discover Shack Du Pêcheur, A Seafood Restaurant Gem In Boucheville

Discover Shack Du P  cheur  A Seafood Restaurant Gem In Boucheville

A Seafood Restaurant Worth The Trip

A couple weeks ago it was the official opening of Shack Du Pêcheur in Boucherville a seafood restaurant with the Key West traditional flavor. Our team was invited to their official opening and I must say that this place is soon to be Boucherville’s best kept secret!

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With prices ranging from 32 to 110$, you have a variety of seafood you can add to your plate. From fish and chips, lobster, crab, octopus, tuna, oysters and more all served  in the Key West style.

seafood restaurant, shack du pecheur, boucherville restaurant

Cc: Shack Du Pêcheur


This seafood restaurant also keeps it very unique in terms of the decor. It makes you feel like a suit up fisher man in the middle of a lake in Florida.   Overall they made the restaurant look rustic yet classy.

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We had access to their kitchen and capture some of their best plates. For our upcoming Web Serie called ”I’m Not A Foodie Though”. Try not to run to their nearest locations after you see THIS:

seafood restaurant in boucherville, boucherville restaurant

Cc: Omar

They also have a bar experience like you never seen before. From Remy Martin to exquiste rhums, Shack Du Pêcheur is a mix of a perfect lounge/restaurant for a five year old kid to the businessman seafood enthusiast.

Give yourself a treat, take the nearest bridge to the south shore and see for yourself (you won’t regret it!). Located at 1052, rue Lionel-Daunais in Boucherville, it’s literally 20 minutes away from Montreal.

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