Take Your Pallet To Roma Inside This New Montreal Italian Grocery

That’s Delicious

Take Your Pallet To Roma Inside This New Montreal Italian Grocery

An Italian Grocery Worth The Trip!

Alimentari Sud is a new Italian grocery in the south shore of Montreal that curates the most authentic selection of aliments from the motherland of pizza.

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Near the Victoria bridge, this Italian grocery offers a wide selection of products. The widest selection of Panettoni actually.


Additionally, they have fresh Burrata directly from Italy, all the gluten-free pasta you can think of and even vegan bologna sauce.


Beyond being an Italian supermarket, Alimentari Sud also offers dishes to their clients. You can try their almost-famous Affogato. A vanilla gelato mixed with some expresso because that’s how we like it right?!

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Cc: via Alimentari Sud

Saturday August 11th, you can see the magic for yourself. For this special occasion, their vegan gelati will definitely steal the show. This recipe is made off hazelnut, chocolate, caramel and basilica nuts.


Saturday August 11th

Between 12:00 & 17:00


277 Avenue St-DenisFrance Beaudouin, St-Lambert

Also, September 8th, they’re celebrating their third anniversary. For this event, they’re bringing Ferrari Quebec out for a car show and they have the crème de la crème of Italian products for your pallet to add the cherry on top.

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