Jean Pascal, Paul Byron, Gallagher & More Rock Vincent D’Amérique For Their Fall Collection

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Vincent D’Amérique With The ”Tailored For Movement” Suits You’ve Dreamed Of

Vincent D’Amérique is one of the leading brands in manufacturing menswear in Canada and has stood the test of times since its inception in 1980. Michel Grondines, owner and designer,  has an incredible success story that started at the tender age of 17 years old.

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For their fall/winter collection, Vincent D’Amérique went in a different direction. While keeping their standards for quality fabrics, timeless designs and attention to details. The challenge they made the focus of the collection was: how to create the perfect suit for athletes and active men?

As a not-too-old-not-too-young man,  I sometimes have a hard time with suits. Long gone are the days where people would stay stiff in a three piece suits inside the Banquet.

Men want to dance, men want to jump, men want to be active and most of all men want to be comfortable. Their collection called ”Tailored For Movement” focused on all those little things that men want.

Combining comfort and style, it was only right to let professional athletes test drive their pieces. From hockey to soccer and all the way to boxing,  the ”Tailored For Movement” campaign had on set:

Brendan Gallagher,

Paul Byron,

Nikita Sherback,

Kirk Muller,

Jean Pascal,

Evan Bush &

Patrice Bernier.

As a journalist, I won’t shy away from saying that I had the scoop. In partnership with MVP Group Agency who represents the athletes, we’ve created the behind the scene video for the whole campaign destined for social media and this was an amazing experience. We fell in love with the suits and you will eventually too!

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vincent d'amérique, jean pascal, brendan gallagher

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paul biron, canadiens de Montréal

kirk muller

patrice bernier

evan bush


Crédits photos :
Produit et réalisé par Agence Fabriq pour Vincent d’Amérique
Directeur artistique : Sylvain Blais
Directeur de la photographie: Eric Lamothe
Photographe : Sylvain Blais
Styliste : Andrew McNally
Maquillage :  Martine L’Heureux
Producteur : Louis-Philippe Thibodeau
Directrice de la production: Nancy Richard
Artiste retouche : Jessika Chiasson
Booking athlète : Simon Arsenault (Groupe MVP)
Vidéastre (arrière scène) : Nkosis Phanord
Relations publiques : Felipe Del Pozo (FelipeRP)


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