Olivier Benloulou Opens Up About His Journey, Success & More In This Exclusive Interview

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Olivier Benloulou Opens Up About His Journey  Success   038  More In This Exclusive Interview

Olivier Benloulou Tells It All With Montrealgotstyle

You haven’t really heard a true ”Rags To Riches” story until you heard Olivier Benloulou‘s story. Running from home at 15, being a bus boy, working 100 hours per week at a restaurant to eventually own one and to now becoming one of the most respected car collector in North America.

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Olivier Benloulou is one of those rare breed of entrepreneurs that’ll talk about entrepreneurship for what it is. The sacrifices, late nights, the struggle, lack of resources and down the line the holly finish line.

Some entrepreneurs never make it to that line and others cross it multiple times. For Mr. Benloulou, alias OB, business became a second nature to him. Owning several businesses and reinventing the fitness industry with Ideal Protein, what could be his next possible challenge?

You know what money and success do? Beyond the material aspect? For Olivier Benloulou, it allowed him to pursue is true calling: CARS; the faster the better.

Traveling the world to partake in professional competitions and modifying cars to push their limits to the speed of life. Ob is the living example that when you set your mind to accomplish something, you can achieve it regardless of your circumstances.

Fast forward today, Mr. Benloulou has a show  called ”Rapides Et Millionaires 2” that gives the world access to his incredible lifestyle and he makes sure to inspire others every second of it.

We sat down with Olivier Benloulou to know his HOWs and WHYs

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