The Weeknd Will Be   8220 The King Of The Fall  8221  With His New Puma Collab

The Weeknd Will Be “The King Of The Fall” With His New Puma Collab

A New Player Is In Town!

Another Puma Collab That’ll Make History!

Everytime I hear about a Puma collab, I literally stop what I do because design wise Puma has found a way to tap into the streetwear culture like never before!

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I see the sneaker world as a huge dysfunctional family. Nike and Adidas are like the big twin brothers that always compete with each other like Abel and Cain.

Puma, Converse & Vans are the younger brothers who have the potential to surpass the twin brothers but one criteria will make all the difference:

 Which One Will Be The Most Creative?

So far,  it’s a win for Puma because they’ve put together a successful system behind each Puma collab. Now Puma is an u-n-d-e-n-I-a-b-l-e player in the streetwear culture which was not the case a couple years ago.

Their collab with Rihanna brought their brand to major platforms like Paris Fashion Week and now most recently they have added The Weeknd to the roster.

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Cc: Tumblr

The “Starboy” singer  was recently featured for the release of the Puma tsugi shinsei. He then took this partnership on a new level by launching his own collection.

Today we will have a closer look at the new XO Parallel Sneaker and give you the details about this new Puma collab with The Weeknd.

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Cc: via The Weeknd’s IG

Parallel Sneaker Collection

Release Date: 24.08.2017

Price: 220$ USD

So far we know that the Parallel comes in two colour patterns : all white and this amazing olive suede right here.

The silhouette makes all the difference. It seems like a perfect balance between the Yeezy Season 2 boots and the legendary Visvim based on the back details.

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Cc: via Hypebeast

Puma definitely needed a creative with that “outside of the box” thinking process.  We don’t know yet how much The Weeknd was involved in the process of making the sneakers  so it’s too soon to give him credits.

What really stands out with this release is the sole. When they first dropped the Fenty collection, we all knew that they were “up to something” when it comes to the soles of their upcoming releases.

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Cc: via Kicks On Fire

Once again I’m glad they didn’t disappoint! Even though The Weeknd doesn’t get enough accolades for his sense of style, I think he has what it takes to elevate to the brand in the sneaker world. This ultimately leads me to a huge question:

   What If Puma Had Their  Kanye Now!?

Only will time will tell of course but so far judging by this first release, I think they make a perfect match. Kanye is already on his 7th season so far (yeah time flies) so let’s see what the ” I can’t feel my face” singer has in store for us in a near future!

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What Do Think?

What do you think about this new Puma Collab? Do you think The Weeknd can be a game changer in the sneaker world?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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