This New Steakhouse In The South Shore Of Montreal Will Step Up Your Brunch Experience

Bring Your Own Bubbles!

This New Steakhouse In The South Shore Of Montreal Will Step Up Your Brunch Experience

A New Steakhouse To Discover With A Twist….

Let’s take a road trip, ignite the car and drive down wherever it says ”Boucherville” and end up in a paradise of flavors or like some call it, THE new steakhouse, or just Rougeboeuf.  A friend of mine whose really into cooking once told me ”You don’t buy a plate, you buy an experience” and this is exactly what you get.

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In the heart of Boucherville, this new steakhouse has found that sweet spot between great food, the right atmosphere/design and a day and night experience. First of all, it’s a ”bring your own wine and beer” concept which is already a premiere for a steakhouse. Our good friend Felipe Del Pozo, gave us a tour of  the place so you can have a first look :

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The same key formula is applied for brunches. They’ve traded the typical ”bring your own wine” to ”bring your own bubbles and sip some mimosa” and voilà. Private lunch rooms, 2 terasses;  walls full of rare bottles for your eyes to see and your taste buds to enjoy.

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Cc: Rougeboeuf

Refinement but yet still a place where laughter and a ”burger and fries please” find a home.

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Cc: RougeBoeuf

Don’t let the name fool you, although Rougeboeuf  focuses mostly on beef surprisingly they also offer seafood, pasta, vegetables and desserts.  This Thursday (December 13th), this new steakhouse will open its doors to new comers and most of all will leave you with butterflies in your stomach (foodgasm is actually a thing).

Opened for the public at 8 pm, Rougeboeuf is located at 500 Rue D’Avaugour #1800.  Only 15 minutes outside of Montreal and possibly the best ‘short road trip you’ll ever make.

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