Wear A Luxury Suit And Make A Change At The Same Time With The Nathon Kong Experience

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Wear A Luxury Suit And Make A Change At The Same Time With The Nathon Kong Experience

More Than A Luxury Suit

Last week, I’ve met an entrepreneur/designer with a simple but bold idea : turn a luxury suit into a masterpiece that will change the world.  This entrepreneur/designer is Nathon Kong, a man with the far-from-your-average-story. A man with a message, a mission and most of all a burning desire to make a change.

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If I had to sum up The Nathon Kong experience all I could say is : welcome to a new world. Once you get inside the building where its headquarters are located, you still don’t have the clue about what you got yourself into (in a positive way of course).

You know those vintage buildings with a hundred offices, the cracking wood floors and the never-coming-elevators. I now believe that Nathon Kong choose that building on purpose for the contrast of what he has to offer. Listen, once you get inside his realm, you just feel like you left the wildness and chaos of the city for the refinement and prestige of a long lost era.

When you become a client of Nathon Kong, you have a secret to keep with you to the grave: how to get inside the shop. This might be the only time in my career where I have to keep something secret to ya’ll but believe me,;the HOW to get in will leave you stunned.


Before we get to WHY this designer is changing the game for the luxury suit business, let’s get into WHO is Nathon Kong.

Born and partially raised in Thailand. Before thinking about fits and patterns, young Nathon started in the most unusual field for a designer: science. With a background in medical science, a MBA and years in the pharmaceutical industry; Nathon found himself driven by a new calling: making suits.

This business existed before you and I but the creative saw an opportunity to reinvent the rules, simplify the process make the experience enjoyable. Starting the initiative with ”Taylor2Go” the young startup  got a lot of attention from investors, buyers and would eventually become the foundation for this new Nathon Kong experience.

Fast forward today, this creative made the custom made luxury suit a great shopping experience, a walking art piece and a way to give back to the community.

Dimmed lights, pleasing scents flying in the air, a retro & luxurious decor which adds to the”cherry on top” customer service to make you feel at ease. You’re now entering a new world in which you’re the ruler. You can choose the fabric, colors, details of the cut and most all you can insert an art piece inside the vest.


What would usually takes hours of measurements and ”Finding Nemo” for your luxury suit now takes an hour and a half at first and roughly 30 minutes on the next visits. Technology plays a great part here, since the shop is equipped with body scanners to help clients with their measurements.

To me, his scientific background is on full display when it comes to his attention to details. Every part of the process is scrutinized, he knows what to ask, what to answer and even what you want before you even want  it (for real!).  Bottle service and an experience where peace of mind  and taking care of you are put to the forefront.

NK could’ve remain a custom luxury suit maker but he had bigger plans. He wanted to make a difference but also teach people how THEY can make a difference too. With a partnership with ”Les Impatients”, an organization that helps hospital patients or patients who suffer from mental illness to find a personal therapy through art. The designer includes their work inside the vest and shares those patients stories with the clients.

You now feel connected  to the artist whenever you wear the suit. You feel like you’re walking with a piece of someone else’s story and therefore you want to take action.

Indeed, the names of the artist are always included inside the vest, with a number and the name of the piece.

Nathon Kong even give out 10% of the proceeds to the artists. If you haven,t figured out yet, this system comes in full circle and rapidly  become a vehicle of change by itself (and a little help from Mr. Kong).

We’ve seen fashion taking a step towards social change and we can now include Nathon Kong as one of the leaders of this new wave of designers.

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