This New Netlflix Show About Montreal’s Mafia Is Binge Watch Worthy


This New Netlflix Show About Montreal  8217 s Mafia Is Binge Watch Worthy

A Show About Montreal’s Mafia With An Hint Of Narcos-Like Drama!

Bad Blood is a new on Netflix that reenacts the life and times of Montreal’s Mafia biggest crime family, The Rizzutos. Ruling the streets of Montreal since 1953, this mafia family  became famous for their recent turmoils in the news and all the drama/scandals that surrounded their clan.

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The show itself can’t be more Montreal. Instead of taking place in some similar looking cities, you can tell from certain key locations, that a lot of it was shot in places like Dowtown, Vieux Port and even Cartierville. Beyond that, it also highlights the well talked about corruption in politics that has been going on for decades.

Starring Anthony LaPaglia as Vito Rizzuto, the mob boss and Sons Of Arnarchy’s Tig trager, Kim Coates as his right hand man. The show goes back in time and shows the complex partnership between Montreal’s mafia, the bikers and street gangs.

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You have an exclusive look to something we don’t really know or talk about in Montreal: organized crime. Please don’t get it twisted, even though its a Canadian production (props to Rogers for doing this), the set up, character development, action scenes and everything about the show can easily compete with the Narcos, El Chapo and The Sopranos or even the Ozarks of the world.

Based on a true story, you revisit how the drug trade in Montreal was actually structured as a business You also get a glimpse at the inner workings of corruption and see how Montreal’s mafia was actually running the city at some point.

Vito Rizzuto is presented as this baddass, seen-it-all-knows-it-all mob boss but yet we also see the downside of his life. I won’t disclose any spoiler so you can enjoy the show but for a 6 episodes run, they made sure to give you everything you need.

Netflix hasn’t put it out details about airing the season 2 but it’s currently airing on Tv right this second.

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