There’s A Vintage Clothing Show Coming To Montreal & Collectors Are Already In A Frenzy

It’s for collectors, sellers, enthusiasts and it’s only 5 bucks

There  8217 s A Vintage Clothing Show Coming To Montreal   038  Collectors Are Already In A Frenzy

The Vintage Clothing Show Of The Year Is Back!

When I’ve heard about this vintage clothing show last year; I had the same impulse a junkie has when it’s times to stick that needle to his veins ( I mean foreal).

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I was looking for the first ATM on sight to get  up there but like a great philosopher once said : ”The way my bank account is set up…”. Indeed, Deadstock Depot makes buying and selling vintage clothes an EXPERIENCE.

This event is the perfect mix between a trade show meeting a networking event and a party at the same time.

Deadstock a brings their vintage clothing show in many different places, from Toronto to New York and now Montreal for the 2nd time.

Originally from Toronto, this collective brings the vintage collectors together under one roof, for one day with the rarest pieces you can find in Canada.

Sounds too good to be true? Well peep it for yourself in this dope recap of one of their last edition in the dot (do people still say ”the dot” ?).

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Date: February 23rd 2019

Location: 3455 St Laurent Blvd Montreal,

Hours: 12-6pm

Price: 5$

There are no tickets for this event, the process is pretty simple. You pop up, pay the 5$ entrance fee, so far so good because it’s a bargain right?!

THEN you find yourself in a sea of Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, Kappa, Gucci, Ralph Lauren & much more (which include good music).

What’s dope about this vintage clothing show, is the fact that vintage sellers/collectors from all around Canada come through.

So you’re new into vintage clothing or an OG, it’s still a great place to link up.

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