Inside La Virée Des Ateliers Where Our Local Artisans Open Their Doors To Their Universe

Inside La Vir  e Des Ateliers Where Our Local Artisans Open Their Doors To Their Universe

La Virée Des Ateliers Gives You An Open Window To Arts & Entrepreneurship

A couple weeks ago I was invited to the ”Virée Des Ateliers”, an initiative that grants the public access to local artisans and designers working space to learn more about what goes on

behind the scenes and an immerse experience into their creative process.

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Hosted by the legendary designer extraordinaire, Jean Claude Poitras, it was a serene morning at the Grover Buidling (on the corner of Parthenais and Ontario).

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Sorta like the Chateau St-Ambroise, this place reunites the minds and crafts of several creators from clothing designers to ceramic artists.

Jean Claude took us on a guided tour door to door to meet and greet with the artisans and discover their work.

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The idea is to raise awareness as to who those creators are , their work and the hardships and realities of the industry.

Our first stop was Annie 50. With a clear nod at the 50’s (Années 50), the brand prides itself for their retro looks and embracing timelessness.

One of our ”Coup De Coeur” was definitely our visit at Barratin which is a brand we’ve followed for quite some time.

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We were able to see their upcoming collections, talk about what inspires their signature funky looks and why it matters

to them to keep EVERYTHING done in Quebec.

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As part of this tour, Mr Poitras would often stop and ask questions to the creators. What inspires them?

What they like about the industry?  And so forth.

One thing that really stood out to me was how some of those creators could build such a name for themselves in the United States and the world while keeping their true essence in Quebec.

An omnipresent theme during the tour was also the eco-responsibility that comes from creating products.

Most of the artisans we’ve met, informed us that they had several measures in place to reduce wastes and find eco-friendly practices in the fabrication process.

Beyond fashion, we’ve met the creator of a bio soap company named Faveur Montréal.

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Did you know it takes a MONTH before a freshly made soap can dry and be ready use?

I bet not! I didn’t know either up until that visit.

The brand also explains how a bio soap can be affordable, still have a signature look AND provide us those scents

and sensations that other type of soap provide.

As the last stop, we’ve visited the working space of a ceramic artist.

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If you love craftmanship, outside the box designs, home decor ideas. It was a paradise for the eyes.

From trinkets to plates and vases and the actual clay that made them. You felt like for once you could see from close how the magic occurs.

Beyond building awareness for local artists, the ”Virée Des Ateliers’‘ is a great way to explore craftsmanship and entrepreneurship.

You get to support local talents and if you’re like me, feel the joy of discovering artisans and designers that are very talented but might not pop up on your social media feeds.

If you want to experience it for yourself, they’re opened to the public from May 2nd to May 5t.

Visit their website for details






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