Find The Best Pizza Places And Slices At Pizza Week This October


Find The Best Pizza Places And Slices At Pizza Week This October

Pizza Week Is Back And So Does Your Appetite!

Pizza Week is an initiative that is currently at its 2nd edition and all we can say so far is : ”What A Great Ideaaaaaaa”! I mean think about it, if you ever wondered who has the best slices in town, well this event clarifies who is who and you get to taste it first hand!

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Bringing together some of the most sought after pizza places in town, Pizza Week is an event for enthusiasts, connaisseurs and people who love this meal to death (people like me basically).

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The competition only starts in October but they’ve recently announced the names of the jury members. From Nadege St-Philippe, to Claudia Barila and your favorite cool mogul Corey Shapiro aka Vintage Frames.

The jury members will be in attendance to answer questions and tell you if you got that IT factor for the pizza you made. Pizza Week, the actual competition, will take place from October 1st to October 7th.

Are You Going To Pizza Week?

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