Discover Upcoming New Designers & Help Empower Women At Fashion In The City

Fashion For A Cause!

Discover Upcoming New Designers   038  Help Empower Women At Fashion In The City

Fashion In The City: Fashion For A Cause!

I remember vividly when Stephanie and Ruben Atkinson first invited us at their event called Fashion In The City a year ago. We receive hundreds of those invites on a monthly basis but something about their show was unique; it was more than clothes and beautiful faces.

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Fashion is powerful. It gives YOU and I the power to express ourselves and affirm who we are to the world. Designers are artists on the forefront using fabrics and patterns to then let us give their piece another meaning.

Some people often feel like it’s superficial or just a business. Stephanie and Ruben Atkinson think otherwise. Indeed, they’ve made it their mission to use fashion for two things : 1-raise awareness for local designers 2-help a good cause.

You might say: ”HOW and WHY!”. For them the answer was simple (at least on paper). Their idea was to create a runway experience that would combine prestige, talent and celebration.

Something that resonates with ambitious designers and fashion enthusiasts that wear their hearts on their sleeves, something like Fashion In The City. An annual fashion show that’ll giveaway most of their proceeds to a specific cause each year.

This year indeed, Fashion In The City is supporting The West Island Womens Shelter. The red carpet is presented by Anne-Lovely Etienne, media rising star and the show itself is hosted by Rebecca Perez of Goss Club and Steve Daniel from Mtl Promos.

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Saturday, September 22nd

Fashion marketplace

5:30 pm


8:30 pm


3980, St-Denis St.



Here’s your chance to discover amazing new talents and make sure your dollar is invested in the community at the same time.

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