Geek Street: The Best Cosplay You’ve Ever Seen at Otakuthon

When Anime Is Life!

Geek Street  The Best Cosplay You  8217 ve Ever Seen at Otakuthon

Bring Back Your Childhood At Otakuthon!

No convention is complete without it’s cosplay, and Otakuthon seriously delivered. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, cosplay comes from the words costume and play.

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While it might seem like little more than dressing up, cosplayers create their costumes with loving care, often learning through the online community as well as their peers. Here are our favourite from this year’s Otakuthon:

This is what we call a successful cosplay right! I mean you get it right from the get go. Otakuthon is definitely a place where Montrealers unleash their inner creativity like never before.


A fun take on Minie Mouse.

Some anime enthusiasts really paid attention to the details when it comes to create the perfect costumes. The energy was refreshing and everybody was reunited for the same thing : a real passion for animes. Otakuthon took me back to a place that I forgot a long time, my inner child was more than happy (trust me).



Audrey Lalonde

Deinand Cosplay’s Sailor Neptune Super S was close to perfect.

  • Number 6: Sarah-Jane and Kitty
alice-and-hatter manga costume naruto dragon ball

Cc: Audrey Lalonde

This awesome take on the Mad Hatter and Alice made us smile. The details and craftsmanship were on point, even if they were working on their costume up until that very day.

  • Number 5: Reddandblack Cosplay and Crafts
reddandblack manga japanese culture montreal

Cc: Lea Woodbury

Reddblack spent weeks and weeks working on her epic cosplay. She sewed everything herself, using her faithful sowing machine.

Otakuthon Is A “See It To Believe” Type Of Experience

  • Number 4: Anonymous cosplay of Barrett

Audrey Lalonde

This cosplay of the infamous character from the classic video game Final Fintasy VII was truly epic. Can you imagine all the time it took just to create the accessories? When we asked him about it, he smiled and said : “trust me you don’t want to know!”.

rose-quartz anime montreal festival event

Cc: Audrey Lalonde

Mana Temple Cosplay and Designs presented an excellent rendition of Rose Quartz from Steven Universe)

cosplay anime festival montreal otakuthon

Cc: Audrey Lalonde

Next was Alix Cosplay. She presented an original character, originally inspired by the earth and magic. Her shamanic warrior was a true beauty to behold.

chibiusa otakuthon montreal cosplay

Cc: Lea Woodbury

The first cosplayer we spoke to was SheDraven, pictured on the right. She spent three weeks working on her costume and each and every bow was hand dyed and sewn. Every single pearl was glued individually. She truly showed us that cosplay could be an art, as you could tell that each and every stitch was lovingly crafted. Turns out that mere hours we talked to her, she won two prizes for her work: she took home both Best in Show and Best Craftsmanship. Congratulations on your excellent Chibiusa!

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Did we miss anything? What character would make the perfect cosplay?

Let us know in the comments section!


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