What If You Could Bring Back Breaking Bad In A Virtual Reality?

Let`s Cook (Virtually)

What If You Could Bring Back Breaking Bad In A Virtual Reality

Become One Of Your Favorite Breaking Bad Baddass In A Virtual Reality Near You!

If you use to secretly dream about becoming a blue meth drug lord too, Sony PlayStation & Vince Gilligan are currently making your dream come true in a virtual reality!

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Indeed, the gaming giant and the genius behind the Emmy Award winning Tv show are collaborating to bring the Breaking Bad experience in a virtual reality near you.

A lot of people are now experiencing the Sony VR games and unfortunately for the avid fans of the new genre of gameplay, this new Breaking Bad experience will not be classified as a VR game.

walter white a virtual reality amc breaking bad

Cc: via Wired

They didn’t release any additional information about the format of this new installment. Although we can`t expect it to drop this year, they’ve involved  the original creators so we can expect something fire!

Other Tv Shows In A Virtual Reality Format

According to Indie Wire, this is Sony’s latest try out with virtual reality storytelling and they will include other Tv shows like “Black List“, “Battlestar Galactica” and many more.

I think this will be a great opening to the VR devices. The trend didn’t pick up the way it should’ve at first maybe because people assumed it was a “Geek” thing.

Now it seems like Sony is opening a door for the tv shows addict (like me) to live their favourite Tv moments in a different way.

The final product is not even out yet and I can already see myself in the key moments of Breaking Bad. I definitely see myself in that storage building when Walter was intensely starring at what seemed to be a mountain of cash (you do too right?!)

In case you have forgot what Breaking Bad was all about (if it’s even possible) here’s a trailer of the last season

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