Brace Yourselves 90’s Babies Because New MTV Cribs Episodes Will Air On Snapchat!

If They Don’t Feature Dj Khaled, It’s A Scam!

Brace Yourselves 90  8217 s Babies Because New MTV Cribs Episodes Will Air On Snapchat

Enjoy Those New MTV Cribs Episodes In The Palm Of Your Hand!

I remember vividly how I felt catching up to my Rapcity freestyles or seeing my favourite rappers “Ballin” on MTV Cribs episodes. Do you remember those days when channels like MTV, Musique Plus & B.E.T used to mean the world to you?

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It’s clear that music channels somehow lost the hype they once had in the early 2000’s. To be honest, I think we can now assume they’re not that much about music no more.

Nevertheless, MTV is bringing us a classic back with new episodes of MTV Cribs available only on Snapchat.

Can They Really Bring It Back?

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MTV Cribs was definitely a moment in television. They had our favorite entertainers of the moment showing their houses and possessions. For some of our rappers, it was all about their fleet of cars or in house basketball courts.

The TV show received a lot of backlash in the past because allegedly some of the celebrities were actually renting the houses to make the views go up (so far nothing we’re not used to yet).

It makes perfect sense for MTV to collaborate with Snapchat on this new project since it’s THE place where people can be comfortably noisy about their favorite celebrities.

Snapchat’s Dicover platform will be the home of the show and it will be available for viewers only for 48 hours.

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According to Engadget, the first episode will feature DJ Steve Aoki’s Las Vegas home. He will show his rare collector’s items which consist of the rarest custom-made pool and playroom in the area.

The second episode will be released on June 10th with more extravaganza to make you reminisce about the good old days and give you a “Why I Ain’t There Yet” moment.

I’m curious to know how my generation and the generation Z will react to this new format. I wonder if this whole “48 hours only” concept will actually force me to take action.

I have high expectations about this in terms of content and guests, we’ve seen many rising stars in the past few years that could give us back those tv moments.

 Dj Khaled’s “Major Keys” Might Be Back For More.

Let’s revisit this classic where 50 cent should us what he meant by “I Get Money”

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