Are You Ready For A Breaking Bad Movie? It’s Happening

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Are You Ready For A Breaking Bad Movie  It  8217 s Happening

A Breaking Bad Movie In 2019! Are You Not Entertained?!

My timeline is often times heaven sent and as I was reading this I had to shake my head in disbelief: YES a Breaking Bad movie! Almost spilling my coffee on my laptop, I had to keep composure and process what it meant to me.

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In 2008, this masterpiece tv show blessed my laptop’s screen and gave me a ton of viruses due to my pre-Netflix streaming habits if you know what I mean. A Tv show that started really slow but picked up steam really fast.

A blue meth, a teacher, a student and whole lot of murders and money (just how I like it). I was only 1 season in and I already knew deep in my heart I wanted a Breaking Bad movie.

Fast forward today, AMC which produces The Walking Dead is making this come to life. Indeed, Bryan Cranston aka Walter White confirmed that it was currently in the works.

For obvious reasons, the iconic Heisenberg will not be a part of the cast but we might finally whatever the F happened to Jesse! Don’t get me wrong, that ”Better Call Saul” spinoff was great but Pinkman was my man.

Of course, there’s no official date yet but chances are that we might get it by late 2019 and until then ”Let’s Cook”!


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