Keep Your Kicks Fresh Out The Box With Moneysworth Shoecare Products

Keep Your Kicks Fresh Out The Box With Moneysworth Shoecare Products

A Review About What Happens When Shoecare Products Really Work!

Thanks to our collaborators and longtime partners, Sole Exchange Canada, we got our hands on the latest shoecare products by Moneysworth & Best.

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We’ve received their different range of products and we’re happy to say that the name ”Moneysworth” definitely stands for something.

We had different shoecare products to try out. We had the Gel Cleaner, the Shoe Wipes, the Water + Strain Protection and the Freshner Spray (truly necessary after our experiment).

At Montrealgotstyle, we’re always thinking outside  ofthe box with whatever we do. So for our review we’ve tried a an experiment that would make any sneakerhead’s hearbeat stops.

We took your BBQ’s and summer cookouts’ favorite ingredients such as ketchup and chicken marinade and we went all out. Believe it or not but we poored both on a pair of jordan 11 bred (my own pair by the way).

As you can expect, the final result was a mix of an undetermined smell and a nervous look on my face when I could barely see the sole of one of my favorite pair of jays.

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Cc: Montrealgotstyle

At that point, I was literally crossing my fingers and wishing the shoecare products would actually work. Today, we will give you a full review of our experiment with the shoecare products by Moneysworth & Best.

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Cc: Moneysworth & Best

1.The Shoe Wipes

Price: 7.99$

The first step was to get rid of the extra sauce on top of the shoe and especially the sole. As you can guess, we needed many wipes to make sure we could save the shoe and the pack had more than enough for our experiment.

The Shoe Wipes have two sides. One with more liquid integrated and another one with dots for scrubbing. The liquified side had a little aroma that really helped us to mask the smell of condiments.

”We Didn’t Had To Use Too Much Wipes Thanks To The Scrubbing Side.”

Even though there were little tiny spots still visible, I would say that 45% of the job was already done just with the Shoe Wipes which is amazing!

The thoughest part for us was to take care of the residus under the sole and that’s why the Gel Cleaner became necessary.

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Cc: Moneysworth & Best

2. The Gel Cleaner

Price: 9.49$

When we started to apply the Gel Cleaner, I knew I would somehow someway get my sneakers back in shape. The process went pretty smooth even though we couldn’t apply it too much on the top of the jordan 11’s.

The challenging was to clean the sole properly with damaging the shiny part of the breds. To all my 11’s fans right there, I can assure that this Gel Cleaner was a safe bet.

Unlike a lot of shoe cleaners on the market, we didn’t had to put too much pressure on the bottle so we could easily avoid the parts of the shoe that we didn’t want to touch.

At this point, we’ve notice that we 80% done with the process. All the condiments under the shoe were removed easily and the sole appeared whiter than ever.

They were 100% back to life (and so was I).

3. The Shoe Wipes Again

Depending on how much you care about your sneakers, this step might not be necessary for you. In my case, it was not the average ”stepped on my jays” kind of moment as you know.

We wanted to give the sneakers a ”Fresh Out The Box” look again. We used a single wipe from the pack and the job was done.

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Cc: Moneysworth And Best

4. Pro-Tex : Water + Strain Protection

Price: 7:35$

After seeing one of my favorite pair of kicks covered with a ton of ketchup and marinade sauces, it was only right to try their Water + Strain Protection after.

It’s really important to read the instructions in that phase and avoid the typical mistakes. You have to wait until your sneakers are completely dry first and then apply the product.

Even the distance it takes to spray the product properly is a factor. You don’t want to be too close or too far so they suggestion to spray 20 to 30 cm away from the shoe.

After spraying both sneakers, we’ve waited for an hour and then sprayed them again. I always knew that one day, I would be the one ”Water Falling From Your Sneakers” demonstrations like those Footlocker‘s reps; it was my time to shine.

The Moneysworth & Best‘s shoe protector didn’t robbed from my moment at all. In the video below you will notice that not only it works but you can actually shake the water off your shoe when the protector is applied.

Now the last thing we needed to do that was to get rid of the ”Family Reunion Cookout” smell from the sneakers.

shoe freshner, soleexchange canada, quebec, montreal, hudson bay

Cc: Moneysworth & Best

5. Shoe Freshner

Price: 9.97$

Even though the Shoe Freshner is originally made for the smells inside the shoe we had to test the potential it had to cover the whole smell.

Since the Shoe Wipes partially took care of the smell issue it was an easy job with the Shoe Freshner. After 2 hours of testing everything, we could finally breath without fearing for our lives thanks to the Shoe Freshner.

Besides the dirty table and empty bottles of ketchup used, you couldn’t tell what went down the last 2-3 hours.

It was a risky experience to try but the outcome was great since we can now confirm that Moneysworth & Best has some of the best shoecare products in terms of value for money.

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