4 Montreal Barbers To Follow    038  Get A Cut From  This Week

4 Montreal Barbers To Follow (& Get A Cut From) This Week

The Barber Life Unlocked!

Keep Your Feed Stylish & Dapper Thanks To Those 4 Montreal Barbers!

The power of an haircut is undeniable in a man’s life, it’s literally a life or death issue at times, and our Montreal barbers are like lifeguards with clippers instead of boards.

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The barber scene has evolved and thanks to social networks like Instagram, Twitter & Facebook we get to know a little bit more about those hair scalp surgeons around the city.

We love the fact that some of them even share their journey as barbers, their fashion gems and especially they’re best kept secrets when it comes to grooming!

Barbers are used to wearing many hats. Sometimes they’re your life coach helping you shape the image you want to show to the world.

Sometimes they’re you’re therapist you go whenever you feel like complaining about your job or your relationship. Other times they turn into your favorite stand up comedian when you feel like having a good laugh.

In simple words, a barber is much more than just a barber. We did our research to find the ones who actually give the Gram more than just nice haircuts. Our goal was to figure out what the “Barber Life” stands for.

Today we will show you 4 Montreal barbers to follow ( & get a cut from) this week.

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1.Empereur Marley


Barbershop: Rehul Design, 9317 24e Ave

Empereur is the “Go To Guy” for almost everything in life (seriously). A tenacious sneakerhead and meme poster. Empereur shares with the world the 4 things he loves in life: sports, comedy, sneakers & being a barber.

This barber has made a name for himself in the digital world to the point where you can often find heated debates under his pictures or people going crazy over the kicks he’s selling (the plug life only).

His clippers have blessed some of your favorite boxers such as Jean Pascal, Adonis or other iconic celebrities like Wyclef Jean & more.

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2.Sage Damps


Barbershop: Damps, Loft 406, 2000 Northcliffe Ave

You can’t talk about the “Barber Life” if Sage Damps is not mentioned somewhere in the conversation. The young barber/entrepreneur has a very personal approach about his journey as a barber.

His content evolves 70% around his work and another 30% is dedicated to dive into serious topics such as fatherhood, entrepreneurship and his life advices.

If you want to know the behind the scenes, the motivation and the grind it takes to be a successful barber, Sage got you on this!

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Barbershop: Notorious Barbershop,  4677 Notre-Dame St W

Thaddeus standouts in the barber scene because he’s C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-L-Y on the grind. You’ll see him travel to give barber workshops across the globes, providing mobile haircut services the next day and then cutting hair for your favorite rapper the next morning.

Beyond his successful career as a barber, Thaddeus wears many hats as well. He’s a designer and a fashion icon in his spare time and he’s killing it!

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4.Jeremy Wilde


Barbershop: Maison Privée, 255 Rue Saint Viateur O

Jeremy Wilde
is half the rebel barber you always wanted to have and half the fashion that might pull a “Flyer Than Your Average” card whenever it’s necessary!

Jeremy is making fashion statements in E-V-E-R-Y post and you can also see him action in the clippers. His instagram account is your source for inspiration and knowing the ins and the outs in terms of haircuts!


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What Do You Think?

We know we might have missed some very talented and charismatic barbers but these 4 really stand out as you could tell! Let us know who should’ve make the list according to you?

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