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“Low-Key Poppin’ ” Montreal Barbershops You Need To Know

A Perfect Hairline Can Save Your Life!



You Can Never Go Wrong With Those Montreal Barbershops!

Before I begin, as a female who has never had a fade or low-cut hairstyle, I’m not claiming to know the best Montreal barbershops on the island. However, I have been in and out of barbershops for as long as I can remember and I can certainly speak to who has been keeping fades, waves and line-up’s in check for the men in and around my life.

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Similar to beauty salons, Montreal barbershops are the agora in every community. Not only is it a spot to get fresh but a place to debate current events, catch-up on the latest news (men gossip too) and bond.

So with the summer and festival season in full swing, here’s my list of babershops that have been doing their thing FROM TIME and are the “go to”, to get RIGHT!


List Of The “Low-key Poppin Montreal Barbershops

Montreal Barbershop beard skin fade haircut razors shape up

Cc: Whispers Barbershop

Studio Whispers 8185 Newman (514) 595-5553

Located one of the major boulevards in Lasalle, Whispers has been in the game for 15 years. They aren’t just a barbershop but also have a full service salon for the ladies. Coining the catch phrase #fadesonfleek, their pictures speak for themselves. By appointment and walkin-in’s are accepted.

tiasse haircut montreal haircuts salon de coiffure barbier

Cc: Krazy Barbershop

Salon Krazy Kutz 5775 Victoria suite 103 (514) 802-5866

This has been a staple in Cote-Des-Neiges for many years. Its been the “go-to”, for as long as I can remember. Given the neighborhoods rich culturally diversity, the barbers are well versed with all-types of hair from straight, curly, coily and kinky. Basic cuts start at $15 and walk-ins are accepted.


Waxman House

Eldest on the list, is the trifecta, Waxman House. In business since 1927, this gentlemen’s lounge, offers the best in a classic barbershop experience. Not only is it oozing 1920’s charm and sophistication, with hints of 21st century decor but they provide a quaint and stylish tuxedo shop and expresso bar. I’m no coffee connaisseur but Waxman has been cited as having some of the city’s best JAVA…move over Starbucks. All barber services are by appointment only.

rehul design montreal barbers haircuts hair care clippers

Rehul Designs 9317 24e avenue (514) 955-6202

One of the pillars in Mtl-Nord, Rehul Designs has been open since 1990. Rehul has since expanded to a larger team and caters to a variety of clients from women and children, to light-weight boxing champion, Jean Pascal. Fun Fact: Rehul Designs runs an annual community initiative for Christmas in conjunction with Pretty Boy Babershop, where they give free cuts to children under the age of 12. Basic cut starts at $15 and walk-ins are accepted.

Montreal Barbershops

Cc: Prettyboy Barbershop

PrettyBoy Barbershop 6245 Metropolitaine avenue (514) 266-7853

Nestled in Marche au Puce, off the metropolitaine highway, PrettyBoy Barbershop offers classic styles with a contemporary atmosphere. They specialize in all types of hair and also offer line-ups with a blade, in addition to the traditional clippers. As mentioned above, they run an annual community initiative for Christmas in conjunction with Rehul Design barbershop, where all children under 12 get free cuts. Basic cut starts at $10. Appointments can be booked online but walk-ins are accepted.


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