Admit it, Your Timeline Was Full Of Moments You Rather Leave In 2017 & Here They Are

#3 Is The Real Deal!

Admit it  Your Timeline Was Full Of Moments You Rather Leave In 2017   038  Here They Are

Revisit Your Timeline With All The WTF Moments Of 2017!

When you think about it, your timeline is just a millennial version of what CNN used to be. It either keeps us in the loop or burns some of our brain cells with stuff that got us like WTF?!

2017 Was Like An Icy Hot Patch,

Stimulating At Times But Yet

Very Disappointing When You Turn Around.

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From politics becoming THE most trending topic, scandals erupting every 2 seconds, comedians coming out from everywhere on social media, Hip Hop being on top of the world; 2017 reminded us that it was a great time to be alive.

Regardless, there are things we can’t unsee. Indeed, your timeline was full of WTF moments this year and today we will remind you 5 moments we rather leave in 2017 (can somebody say: Bye Felicia?).


donald trump twitter, your timeline, best of 2017

-1 Donald Trump, The President Of…..Twitter Basically

Donald Trump was definitely ”Trumpin” on your timeline this year. From his vicious clap backs at celebrities, Hillary Clinton or anything who had something to say about him; Kanye taught him everything about twitter rants.

As much as we despise him, he transformed the world of politics in his own way (and definitely not for the best). Try to think about a day we didn’t get a frenzy in the Twitterverse because of this man who made 140 characters become the vehicle of hate, ignorance and fake news as he would put it.


donald trump tweets, donald trump vs the nfl, donald j trump

Cc: via The Real Donald Trump’s Twitter


C’mon Son!

-2 Man’s Not Hot

Michael Daapha aka Roadman Shaq or Big Shaq (we still don’t know at this point) had the year on smash! From his viral ”Man’s Not Hot” freestyle on BBC radio. Throughout the year we all made the ”ting goes skrrrahh, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka. Skibiki-pap-pap, and a pu-pupudrrrrboom” right?!

In retrospect, it reminds me why Hip Hop has changed a lot. Even though it was a pure comedy sketch, most of the viewers, including me, thought it was a real song.

We laughed, we cried (of joy for sure), we enjoyed it, shared it, quoted the lyrics and like every good joke in the world; I had one point we had to get over it.

Please, ladies and gentlemen, I beg you please, don’t bring back Roadman Shaq in 2018 unless he got another hit (if hit is the right word).

hashtag metoo, metoo, rape culture

Cc: Subversify Magazine

-3 The Hashtag That Changed It All: #MeToo

This topic here is definitely a serious issue. Rape and sexual harassment are those types of social injustices that we know exist, we understand how bad they are but yet we’re still stuck trying to figure a real solution.

I would like to salute the women who came out of the trenches to denounce those acts and we clearly saw that 1 courageous effort can spark a social revolution.

What was very alarming in this case is to realize how many men in power were the ones creating the most atrocities over the years (nothing new but still shocking). Execs, businessmen, celebrities and etc; the entertainment world was exposed for one of its most hideous secrets.

Even all the way up in Montreal we saw public figures such as Gilbert Rozon & Éric Salvail bring out their fair share of scandals. A worldwide issue was now brought to the forefront and in this digital age, it’s only right that we used a hashtag to protest against it.

I think we will step into 2018 finally admitting that rape culture does exist (as if it wasn’t clear from the get-go).

denis coderre, montreal mayor, montreal elections,

Cc: via

#4 Dennis Coderre Took The Biggest L This Year

If only Denis Coderre had read 48 Laws Of Power! One of the laws says: ”Plan all the way to the end” and he clearly skipped that chapter for his elections fiasco. I didn’t see it coming, you didn’t see it coming and I’m pretty sure Denis didn’t saw it coming either but he lost the elections (by someone totally new in politics).

Even though we hate politicians false promises, we still feel entitled to get a lot of them but this time around team Coderre overall message was: ”Look we did a great job in 4 years, elect me again so I can continue”.

Was this a little arrogant? Oh yeah! What was the public response? Well, quite simple: we rather elect a mayor with no formal experience than a knows-it-all-formula-e-flop-maker mayor. It was not my sentiment at all but the majority has spoken and they were sure getting Denis out of here,

As a Haitian guy living in Montreal, Denis Coderre was our guy!, Seriously, he once said he was the first Haitian mayor in Montreal google it.

Honestly, They Did Denis Dirty This Year

but I hope that Valerie Plante understands that she has to match Denis’ Dab & Kompa game to be half as nice (at least on my end).


bitcoin crash, bitcoin cryptocurrency, bitcoin investment

Cc: Bitcoin Detector

-5 The Bitcoin Boom( And Everybody Turning Into Warren Buffet Because Of It)

It’s time for a reality check ladies and gents (no pun intended)! This Bitcoin thing is getting out of control. I would be a trillionaire If I had a dollar for everybody who told me they would’ve been rich if only they invested in cryptocurrency earlier.

Listen I’m far from a Warren Buffet but since everybody is today let me drop my two cents:

When it comes to trading, when E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y is buying the same stocks; that’s usually when you have to get out.

Your timeline was probably flooded by many people telling you that this was the future. Perhaps, one thing we sure know about money is this:

Everybody Talks About It But Who Really Got It?

For all the Bitcoins fanatics of the world, we don’t want to hear it in 2018 please just…PLEASE!

What Do You Think?

What were the most WTF of your timeline this year? Let us know in the comment section




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