Budden Leaving Complex Taught Me 5 Things About Content Creators

Can Somebody Say: TRASH!

Budden Leaving Complex Taught Me 5 Things About Content Creators

Joe Budden Is For The Creators

Content creators bring many insights to the world, add value with their creativity and regardless of credits and acclaim, their work is rarely appreciated for what it’s worth; Joe Budden is the living proof.

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This week we had the terrible news that the most dangerous Hip Hop show in the world alias Everday Struggle is losing the main aspect that makes it great: the chemistry between Dj Akademiks & Joe Budden.

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After watching religiously each episode (except Fridays though) for months and months, I realized why it was necessary for Hip Hop. The reason why this show resonated with us so much, is the fact that it reminded most of us of our barbershop talks we have once in a while right?!

They’ve broadcasted the essence of Hip Hop debates among friends. Questions like: Who’s the greatest emcee? Who won a rap beef? What song is trash? And all the social media antics we consume from. All these different things were addressed and Everyday Struggle to me was just our digital barbershop.

Even though we couldn’t directly interact in the debates, we either agreed or killed both hosts for their narratives (I often caught myself screaming at Joe in my living room). 

Without knowing it, Dj Akademiks & Joe were creating a new way to discuss Hip Hop & news in the media world, away from politically correct stuff we usually get.

Funny thing is, none of us could imagine what this show was going to be and its impact. All of this came from the mind of two creators who wanted to bring something new to the table.

Joe Budden & Akademiks did a phenomenal job as creators and this 9 months of dopeness can’t just vanish like that. As a content creator, here are 5 things every content creator I’ve learned from Joe Budden!

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#1 The Creators Vs The Distributors

As a content creator, your role is to bring value through your creative insights. You could be a producer, a painter, a photographer or a writer; you create moments.

Content creators have the power to open up debates, create a reaction from a large public and capture an audience’s attention. Is it really measurable and how can you reward that? Budden didn’t create this show thinking it would’ve been this big, he went through the process and made it what it became with his co-hosts.

It ultimately became the highest viewed show on Complex and gave a notoriety their brand never had before.Simply put, Complex is the distributor and Joe is the creator.  A distributor often feels like since the creator got initially paid to create, the credits or rewards shouldn’t be based on the impact of the creator’s work.

Distributors are satisfied with the work but fail to provide a creator the resources necessary to create better. Judging by how powerful the show became, I couldn’t believe they lost their best show over money issues.

Distributors have to learn to respect when a creator’s work is actually pivotal for the brand. Once this is established, creators can actually get the merits and benefits that their perspective brought.

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#2 Stay True To Yourself

As a content creator, Joe stood by the same morals and principles since day 1. Often time passionate about certain topics (too passionate) but it was real; it was raw.

Of course, there are moments that were forced or seemed planned but we won’t kill the man for making sure the world pays attention right?!

To be honest, I was definitely one of the viewers that were not feeling Joe at the early beginning. I actually came for the show from following Akademiks’  platform.

Over time, the opinions, passion and heated rants of Budden made me respect him. We all had to respect his deep dives and analysis and we gave him points for some of his thoughts; controversial or not. Even when we felt like the platform tried to tone down Joe’s natural behavior, he kept it real.

As a content creator, you have to stay true to who you are, how you create and what you want to create. It’s easy to compromise for a check but in this case, if Joe did, who knows what Everday Struggle would’ve been?

#3 Add Value

When you know you got this in you, that you’re a true creator, you don’t ask yourself questions like: Can I do it again? Regardless if Complex finds a way to keep Joe Budden on board, Joe will create because that’s what Joe does.

As a content creator, you have to keep creating, keep thinking about the next thing and how you can build more. Budden went from rapper to TV personality, producer, a podcast and who knows what he got else for us.

A creator should never feel like he or she has reached a final destination. Trust me, if Montrealgotstyle fires me, I’m definitely taking my talent to South Beach ( or in space with Elon Musk who knows?!)

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#4 Learn To Say No

As a content creator, you need to learn to say no especially when your work is taken for granted. You have to value your work and understand how it makes a difference.

Everday Struggle made the world tuned to Hip Hop and viral news in a different way. We may not see it now but we can definitely predict that this format will eventually become the norm.

When your work becomes a leverage for the companies or entities you create for that’s when you have to draw the line in the sand. Money used to make the world go round and now content became a new kind of currency.

The internet provided an outlet for regular people to do better than tv, better than Forbes 500 companies and there’s a price that comes with that. Often times a content creator have to know when his or her work is underappreciated.

Once you establish that, the only option is the find the audience, the network, the company or the resources to give your work the recognition it deserves.

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Cc: via Complex

#5 Create Through

Joe Budden revealed the reasons why he’s leaving the show on his podcast. Instead of being fearful of being unemployed, he made it very clear that he’s not scared to start over.

Being a content creator is about having faith and confidence in your ability to create. We see many creators losing integrity to themselves because of money.

Many creators would like to explore different ventures but don’t due to the fear of losing it all. If you’re stuck in a situation where your work doesn’t represent you anymore, that’s exactly the time for you to leave.

If you don’t believe in your work enough to feel like you can make it anywhere and anytime then you’re NOT a creator. True creativity is infinite, you can be uninspired for a while and jump right back into like nothing happened (at least for me).

Reinvent yourself and create through

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