The Sriiz Experience Is Montreal’s Art World New Best Kept Secret And You Need To Go

For The Love Of Art

The Sriiz Experience Is Montreal  8217 s Art World New Best Kept Secret And You Need To Go

Discover Sriiz: A New & Entertaining Way To Buy & Consume Art

I love all forms of art, digital, performative, craftmanship name it; perhaps I guess I could never wrap my head around or feel in my element by going to the museum or other places like it until I discovered Sriiz.

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Stigmas have this weird thing about them: they stick. I always had this idea that museum don’t allow visitors to feel a personal connection to the piece because their many security measures.

On the flip side, galleries often position themselves as those high end entities that you can’t get into if you’re not a part of a certain tax bracket.

What if the way we consume art could be open for most, personable and yet still slightly fancy?

Where you might see a dead end, this question became Mr. Alain Lachance intense focus & mission.

What’s impressive to me is that it took someone that would typically pass as an outsider in the art world to make it work.

Indeed, having a background in construction, the entrepreneur explains that art has only begun to plant a seed in his mind 5 years ago.

Starting as a collector himself. Mr. Lachance has seen what we’ve all seen: some artists are amazing but they don’t get their just due or they fly under the radar literally.

The seed was planted and then grew Sriiz.

If you live, breath and sleep art would you do it? That’s what the artpreneur did by turning one of his properties into a giant gallery.

Here’s our video about the experience


From the roof to the basement to even the bathroom, the house is filled with various artists and art forms.

Paintings, larger than life sculptures,  photography and I even saw a Vietnam War stretcher turned into a work of art.

The architecture of the house itself is a sight and the funny part about it all is the fact that you would never believe such marvels live there just from the outside of the house.


Every little detail is considered. From the bedroom, the dressing room and the office space.

Strangely enough the way everything kinda sits perfectly together is an art form in itself.

You get the backstory and tales from the artist in every piece.

You get the high energy that can only come from another art enthusiast.

Not a salesy art dealer or a guide wishing he could be somewhere else; just the warm voice that only passion can allow you to use.

Sriiz is also doing collabs with some of the artists they have in the showroom.


Artists like Richard Bernardin brought out some of the pieces for a special experience where you get to touch and feel the essence of some of his work.

The experience is set in a small private group format and you have to contact the company by email to set it up.

Once you get to the house, it takes about 1 to 3 hours to do the tour and get the full spectrum of the different peices.

The focus is mostly on the buyers BUT they open their doors to people that are curious or thinking about discovering new artists.

They do have something for the grand public coming really soon where they’re taking the experience outside.

Until follow Sriiz from more updates and please do yourself a favor by trying this experience; you won’t regret it









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