It’s Lobster Season In Gaspésie And Here’s Why You Need To Get Your Hands On Some

Tastes Like Heaven

It  8217 s Lobster Season In Gasp  sie And Here  8217 s Why You Need To Get Your Hands On Some

Smells Like Lobster Season….

When you actually think about it, seafood is like Valentine’s Day, Christmas and the long weekend all combined in one and especially on lobster season. Somehow everyday I learn something new about the province of Quebec. Did you know that our lobsters are some of the most sought after quality wise around the world? I made the same face you’re probably doing when I found out.

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Thanks to the Regroupement des pêcheurs professionnels du sud de la Gaspésie I was able to see and taste by myself why our lobsters have garner ed such a reputation.

They sent me a package of four lobsters and an assortment of butter to go along with the package (which was very kind by the way).

My only issue when I said yes is one that pretty much define why Uber Eats is taking my wallet down the drain: I DON’T COOK!

Even though I don’t cook per say, I have friends that are disciples of the Gordon Ramsays of the world and nothing feels more satisfying than sharing with a friend (while he cooks everything for me of course).

Could’ve eaten my lobster, give a my review and be gone with the wind but we wanted to take it a step further for you guys.

I’ve documented the whole process from A to Z and came up with a nice ”Kitchen Made Easy & Fancy” tutorial.

We did a ”Terre et Mer” style of dish overall.

Mushrooms, mash potatoes beef, onions, parsley and the genius of it all was to use the butter as the core ingredient and keep the flavour where it’s supposed to be.

lobster season


Quality wise you couldn’t get any fresher lobsters. They were sent and cooking the very same day the fisherman got them.

lobster season

They were big, healthy and easy to work out.

lobster season

As a fine cuisine fanatic, I can tell that the combination was out of this world.

Maybe it’s the butter, maybe it’s my friend’s magic hands but something about this dish was different.

When I actually think about it, it had to be the tenderness of the meat from the lobsters.

Nevertheless, the lobster season is on and if you’re looking for that gem to spice things up in the dining room. I would strongly, surely and absolutely recommend what Gaspésie is best known for throughout the world.

You can find some of them at Norref or other specialized groceries; and believe me when I say this, you won’t regret it!






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