This New Restaurant in St-Henri Calls Itself The ”Goat” And They Have The Food To Back It Up

The Name Says It All

This New Restaurant in St Henri Calls Itself The   8221 Goat  8221  And They Have The Food To Back It Up

A Sports-Themed Restaurant In St-Henri Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Have you ever been to your typical restaurant in St-Henri? If you did often times you know two things about the experience you’re about to get: a jacked up price based on experience alone & just-okay-food.

Ladies and gentlemen, times are changing and the middle ground between good food and a great experience is no longer a myth.

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You heard and read it right,  the G.O.A.T grill is the new restaurant in St-Henri that will claim that spot.

Before I get to tell you why let’s acknowledge the fact we can now say that we have a restaurant in town that stands for ”Greatest Of All Time”.

Bold statements to you but rather a promise that the founders Gardy Henry & Michaël Marrache are making to themselves to be great and to their clientele.

What makes the G.O.A.T Grill unique is that it’s the first of its kind in the area first.

restaurant in st-henri, Michaël Marrache

A compromise between the best selection of  Portuguese chicken and charcoal grilled dishes.

Keeping up with the times, the G.O.A.T  Grill also offers a vegan alternative so pretty nobody can feel left out.

On the experience side of things, this is not your average sports-themed restaurant. No-no-no.

They made to make their stance clear by opting for a design that speaks for itself.

A mural on the side of their establishment wears proudly some of the greatest athletes we can mention.

restaurant in st-henri, goat grill, gardy henry

From Muhammad Ali, Kobe, Patrick Roy, Michael Jordan all the way to George St-Pierre.

From noon and night. Their plates can be served inside, for takeout or delivery too.

Located in 4376 Notre-Dame Ouest, G.O.A.T Grill is now officially opened and also officially the place to be this fall whenever you’re in St-Henri.





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