Ray Junior Courtemanche: Entrepreneur By Day And Nascar Racer By Night

Ray Junior Courtemanche  Entrepreneur By Day And Nascar Racer By Night

Ray Junior Courtemanche Is Living At The Speed Of Life

I know a good story when I read one, Ray Junior Courtemanche‘s story is the most interesting case that came across my desk in a long time. I had a déjà-vu moment of that time I’ve sat down with Olivier Benloulou and I couldn’t wrap my head around why.

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Before I go any further, let me give you a little back story here.

Ray Junior Courtemanche is a serial entrepreneur. When I say ”serial”,  it’s not a figure of speech or an exaggeration.

The man has made it a career to start and grow businesses from scratch and then simply add them in his forever growing portfolio.

A portfolio that includes assets like an investment firm, real estate and the creation of massive development projects like the ”Cité Mirable”.

The fire that habits Ray is different. Ambition takes you to the door but that upper level can only come to you by way of passion.

Speaking of passion, the serial entrepreneur has one that might throw you out for a loop.

More than a hobby, he made it a career on top of everything on his plate.

Something where his intense focus, adaptability and desire to win make him a master of.

If you haven’t guessed it by the article’s picture, Ray Junior Courtemanche is indeed an entrepreneur by day and a Nascar racer by night.

At 51 years old, the racer is back on the road after a 5 year hiatus.

He’s going to perform at the Nascar PINTY’s events. One at Complexe ICAR oof Mirabel (28th August) and the  other at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park of Bowmanville in Ontario (4 & 5 of September).

Adding his experience to the Team 3 Red/Ed Hakonson Racing. Ray will be roaming through the track with the number 8 on top of his car.

With over 30 companies to run and Investissement Ray Junior doing great, the business man still managed to get back in shape physically and mentally for this new chapter.

The reason why I like to hear stories like these is simple.

I’m fascinated by human beings who go at extreme to realize their full potential.

To me, people Ray Junior Courtemanche, Olivier Benloulou and the hundreds of people I’ve interviewed through my career all have this one thing in common.

They don’t accept any form of ceiling to what their interests are and at level they’re going to chase them.

Is this what Ray gets to experience on the day to day at more than a 100 miles per hour? I guess we’ll never know



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