Kelly Krow Is Back Like He Never Left With A New Release Produced By Michael Brun


Kelly Krow Is Back Like He Never Left With A New Release Produced By Michael Brun

Kelly Krow: Where Culture &  Vibes Collide

Funny enough I don’t know Kelly Krow personally but I feel like I’ve known him my whole life in a way. I think if you’ve consumed an artist’s art for a decade plus, you’re totally allowed to feel that way and it’s okay.

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It’s great when you can say you kind of and sort of grew up with an artist.

I was first introduced to Kelly Krow in my teens when he was a dancer.

I was a young adult when he was rapping, singing RNB and doing comedy covers.

I was a much more mature and seasoned man to appreciate when he recently made the switch to Kompa and Afro.

His evolution  as an artist was somehow parallel to mine as a man and here we are today.

I’m also on record saying that if he kept at it, Kelly Krow could easily be OUR Michael Brun and I’m happy that my ear didn’t lie to me  once again.

With his new song  ”Sote”, a moment in time is crystalized.

First, it’s Michael Brun and him coming together unexpectedly. Michael on the production and Kelly on the singing and writing.

The song itself captures what the times are about. Celebration and revolution.

On one part we may celebrate the fact that we almost made it out  of a world pandemic but at the same time and on the other part, we’re questioning and challenging everything society has taught us.

Please don’t be fooled by the festive allure of the song.

The lyrics are short yes but full of meaning and a clear stance on where Kelly Krow‘s heart is at.

Also important to note. I can’t help but to be taken back to Kanye’s ”Heartless” video or classics like ”Do For Love” by Tupac with the choice of going with a full on animation for this release.

Overall this song is what your aux been missing if you’re on your way to some function downtown but it’s also a perfect soundtrack if you want to ball up your first up and reclaim what’s yours.

Hopefully this ends up becoming a full on project or Ep in the future but for the time being; just enjoy the vibes.

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