Nate Husser Dropped A New Downtown Montreal Anthem (And We Can’t Get Enough Already)

Ste-Catherine Street In A Rap’s Perspective!

Nate Husser Dropped A New Downtown Montreal Anthem  And We Can  8217 t Get Enough Already

Nate Husser Solidifies His ”Not Your Average Rapper” Status With His New Banger About Downtown Montreal!

Downtown Montreal is more than a location, it’s the heart, blood and vein of the city. Whatever images it sparks in your subconscious, Nate Husser was able to bring out what it means in a musical form.

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Nate Husser is without a doubt the next artist to blow in Montreal. The real question today is when and how? Honestly, all the key elements are there. From his originality, delivery and something that most artists forget; a charismatic presence.

Indeed, Husser is the type of artist that can’t be put in the box. His rap style is a combination of many different influences that make it unique, current while still matching the criterias of the golden era of rap.

From his lyrics and delivery, this rapper takes you on a journey into his world. Known for being raw and very transparent about the streets, Huss reenacted Jay-Z’s comment on what rap represents. Indeed, Jay Z, when asked about what rap truly is, famously said this:

”Rap Is The CNN For The Ghetto”

In his new song called ”Catherine”, Husser opens up about a different side of what life in downtown Montreal looks like. If you think this part of town is all about the Eaton Centre and good restaurants, you’re clearly delusional.

Catherine” is your open window to the struggles, trials and tribulations of Montrealers. He depicts the reality of those who come from a different background than fancy skyscrapers and fashion districts.

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Cc: via Nate Husser’s Facebook page

As an artist, Nate Husser gives his fans the real deal from what he wants to achieve and where he comes from. One thing that really stood out in his formula, is the emphasis on putting together the craziest visuals!

In the ”Catherine”, he takes you in the belly of the beast and showcases the reality of downtown Montreal like we never seen it before. The song grows in energy and wildness as time runs by. It ultimately gets to the point where you ask yourself if 3 minutes and 52 seconds were really enough

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What Do You Think?!

The song was very well received by the public and for us, it was an instant banger. Do you think Nate Husser has a hit? Do you relate to this song and why?

Let us know in the comment section now!



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