Kaytranada Opens Up About How He Made It In This Tells It All Interview

Gems On Top Of Gems!

Kaytranada Opens Up About How He Made It In This Tells It All Interview

Everything You Need To Know Kaytranada & His Rise In The Music Industry!

When you take a look at Kaytranada‘s rise to success and achievements as an artist, seeing him as an overnight success is almost blasphemy. His story proves that he definitely came a long way.

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Everbody got a story to tell and artists tend to have the wildest ones. Indeed, in an awesome sitdown interview with Complex Media, the Montreal producer opened up how he did it and it was far from your favourite fairy tale.

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For those who still wonder who Kaytranada is, he’s a young producer that made a name for himself for his unique sound. It beautifully combines influences like Electro music, Hip Hop and Soul music.

He brought back sampling to its essence with various musical influences that go as far as Salsa (yeah he went there). Kaytra has a lot of milestones under his belt.

Indeed, from producing for Hip-Hop legends, touring with Madonna and releasing a best selling album last year; his legacy is just starting.

How you go from producing in your parents’ basement to create a successful career as an artist? How is it possible when you come from the south shore of Montreal and you don’t necessarily have the connects?

In his interview, Kaytranada reveals that being active in online communities contributed a lot to his success. Being an early adopter to platforms like Bandcamp and connect to producers from everywhere in the world shaped his vision.

When it comes to his musical influences, Kaytra doesn’t deny that his Haitian background played a huge part in his music. He went to add that hearing his father playing Kompa, which his traditional Haitian music, were elements that developed his ear for different sounds.

In this recent interview, he also shares how he had to convince his parents that it was worth it. See it now and be inspired!

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4 Highlights To Remember From The Kaytra X Complex Interview

Being Unique Will Always Pay Off

In the interview, Kaytra explains that he was able to get recognized only when he embraced the fact that he was different. This ultimately led him to release his own album which is still critically acclaimed to this day!

Choose Your Passions Over Everything

Imagine how hard it is to choose between having the opportunity to play your songs in L.A and getting a test for a diploma you don’t care about. What everybody thinks is an obvious is not that easy when social pressure and a Haitian mom get in the mix

Kaytra followed his passion and the risk was all worth it.

Coming From A Small Town Doesn’t Mean Nothing

When Kaytra was just a ”beatmaker from St-Hubert”, he could’ve easily thought that this was the dead end for him. By pushing hard and making his work valuable, he broke any limit that coming from a small town has.

So wherever you are, whatever you want to do, just remember that it all starts in your head.

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What Do You Think?!

This interview was full of gold and gems for any aspiring producer/artist as you can see. Can you pinpoint something that you didn’t know from Kaytra that you’ve learned in this interivew?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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