Juan Grey Is A Montreal Actor Marking His Path to Hollywood


Juan Grey Is A Montreal Actor Marking His Path to Hollywood

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Juan Grey : A Montreal Actor Made For The Big Screen

Our city is a talent pool, full of creatives working hard to challenge the status quo and the big-small-city syndrome; Juan Grey, a Montreal actor, is made from that clothe.  I’ve met this driven creative 2-3 years ago in the most unexpected setup you could think of; a VIP booth in a nightclub.

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Music was blasting, the crowd was jumping up and down the dance floor but yet I was having a lifechanging conversation in the middle of this chaos

I mean, if you’re able to have a conversation about dedication and what success means to you while ”New Level” by A$ap Ferg blows your ear-drums; you know it’s a sign.

Something about this young man told me he had that ”IT” factor to him. Quite humbly, he explained to me that he was an up and coming actor/entrepreneur/producer climbing the ranks in the industry.

From starting a music production company in his early teens, being the founder of the athletic streetwear brand Greatness Within, the host of the Words 2 Success Show with 200k+ people that he inspires on a daily basis and much more.

juan grey, montreal actor

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From overcoming depression, being an executive producer for a film that was screened at Cannes and now scoring a role on a SYFY hit show Deadly Class.

It’s safe to say Juan has the Midas touch.

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Juan Grey is becoming a household name in front of our very eyes!

I’ve felt very inspired by his story and it was only right to share it with ya’ll. We’ve sat down with the Montreal actor to talk about his upbringing, upcoming projects and HOW he made it this far.


MGS: Who is Juan Grey?

juan grey, deadly class, montreal actor, montreal acting, actor from Montreal, netflix show

Cc: via Juan Grey

Juan Grey is a Mexican/Canadian actor, producer & entrepreneur born in Montreal, Quebec.

He comes from an elite sports background, having played competitive soccer for many years.

Practiced martial arts and was one of the province top runners.

MGS: How acting became your passion?

After a serious injury in soccer, I went through a very difficult time and became a total stranger to myself.

Soccer was my life and I had to re explore who I was and the person I wanted to become.

When I was 17 I dropped out of school and started doing a bunch of things, needing to make money and find something that would make me feel again.

I got judged and was frowned upon almost every day.

I felt nobody really understood me. Until one day, I got myself on a film set and I started feeling again.

I’ve always loved music and film but never saw entertainment as an actual career possibility because of my focus of becoming a professional athlete.

MGS: What is a typical day for you?

There is no typical day. Every single day is different. I’m  always working on film somehow, my businesses and trying to empower those around me.

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Cc: via Juan Grey

juan grey, deadly class, montreal actor, montreal acting, actor from Montreal, netflix show

Cc: Chris Mancini

MGS: What was the hardest obstacle you had to overcome?

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Cc: via Juan Grey


The hardest obstacle has been fighting my own demons when I was in my darkest times.

Convincing myself to stay and keep going has definitely been the most difficult but also what I am most proud of in my life.

When I truly got out of my own way, the impossible suddenly become not so impossible anymore.

Writing and producing music has always been my best form of therapy and helps me release whatever I need to let go.

MGS: How did you score a role in Deadly Class

Netflix, deadly class, juan grey, montreal actor, actor from Montreal, imbd, cannes film festival

Cc: via Deadly Class, SYFY

I believe everything in life is a matter of sets and reps.

You need to put the time in and make sure you learn from each rejection. When you see someone who gets something big, what you don’t see is the hundreds of NO’s before that.

I am extremely blessed to be apart of such an amazing show. The cast, crew & creators are all wonderful people and it has been an incredible experience so far.

I’m so grateful yet also very hungry because I know that this is just the beginning and I am only getting started.

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Cc: Mihai Son

MGS: What’s next for you?

Well, quite a bit. I’m producing a feature film right now.

Working on some TV shows and have an exciting venture in the entertainment industry about to launch.

Oh, and check out Greatness Within, the team is coming out with a really dope new collection soon. Much love.


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