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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Jackson That Spike Lee Took In His New Documentary



Micheal Jackson Ressurected In Montreal!

Michael Jackson came back alive at least for one week-end; Thanks to Spike Lee  who was in town the «Montreal Black Film Festival». He presented his new documentary Journey From Motown to Off the Wall in exculsivity for the festival.

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The documentaty is covering the life of Michael Jackson from his Jackson 5 days to the release of his first solo album : «Off The Wall».


Throughout the whole movie, you could hear testimonies, live interviews and see iconic pictures of the king of pop during his journey to discover himself as a man, as an artist and as the most iconic entertainer of our era. The documentary was intense because it covered so many aspects of his life that were not brought to the spotlight until now and especially when we think about the fact that Michael Jackson died with so much controversy around his life story. Here are 5 things that we learned from this amazing documentary.

Video Recap Of «FROM MOTOWN TO OFF THE WALL» At The Montreal Black Film Festival

#1 The Jackson 5 Had A Cartoon Dedicated To Their Group

It definitely hads more cool points to the king of pop’s legacy to know that he had his own (well not totally his own) cartoon show at such an early age.


#2 Michael Jackson Wrote Himself A Letter As A Teenager That Predicted His Future

He said his name will be known as MJ, he said he will be an actor, he said he will have his own fashion tastes, he will never give too much interviews and he also said that he will perfect the world of entertainment as we knew at the time. When you think about his style, his signature moves and powerful voice, as crazy as it seemed coming from a child, Michael did exactly what he wrote in this letter!

#3 He Didn”t Felt Sorry When He Left His Brothers To Pursue His Solo Career

We all know that the Jackson brothers got into many conflicts even though they keep it quiet as much as possible. Even in the early stages of his carreer, in this interview you can tell that Michael Jackson had a totally different vision of how to create his music and overall artistry. We can only guess that this was definitely the start of the feud in the Jackson’s clan unfortunately.


#4 Michael Jackson Inspired Kobe Bryant’s Work Ethic

Regardless of how you might feel about him,Kobe Bryant was, is and will forever be one of the greatest players to touch a ball in the history of basket-ball. The documentary revealed that Kobe had a great relationship with the king of pop and that he took many of his advices and references as a blueprint for his own carreer. It seems like Mj, throughout his whole life inspired so many people and even outside of music as you can see.

#5  Before Michael Jackson Was Michael Jackson, He Dedicated Himself To Learn Everything He Could About The Music Industry

stevie wonder mj studio session


In his lifetime, Michael Jackson worked with the legends of the industry such as Stevie Wonder , Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones & many more! In fact, you may think Michael Jackson was naturally gifted but when you hear is story told about his close friends,family and colleagues. you will find out that he was a student of every aspect of the music industry you could think of. He used to do the engineering of his own songs, produce the beats, write the lyrics and even participate in the promotion process. If you’re an upcoming artist you can definitely learn from MJ’s story as an artist which is a learning process that lasted 40 something years!





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Myraï Lavoie Is Taking The Fashion World By Storm With The Glitch Fashion Show



Myraï Lavoie

Myraï Lavoie Is Creating Her Own Universe And You’re Invited

What I appreciate the most about my work is the fact that I get to meet great minds & humans with a powerful story and this time around, I got to cross path with the talented Myraï Lavoie.

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The city has been quiet fashion wise over the years and as platform that mostly talked about fashion in its inception, we’ve felt it the most over here.

There would be sparks of hope here and there but besides Festival De Mode & Design, not a lot of things really stood out.


When I heard about ”The Glitch” it’s like I knew what it was about without nothing what it was about.

I mean good branding is good branding but it was more so who’s behind the good branding this time around. I had the chance to work with Myraï Lavoie in the past and one thing I can is : there’s a method to her madness.


Every artist has an eye and that eye is shaped by our views of the world and life experiences. Myraï had an interesting life.

One where being different is actually the move. One where if you don’t fit somewhere, you don’t try to get in the mold, you bend it.

For all the lack of support or misunderstand she got in Montreal, she found a place to be creative working or being in room with the likes of Paris Hilton & P. Diddy to name a few.

What she’s learned from coming out of her shell and experiencing the world she’s about the share it with us with her own fashion called ”The Glitch” tonight.

”The Glitch” is exactly what I thought it was going to be. A standout experience and experience and something you’ve never seen before just like its creator.


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The 50th Anniversary Of Les Grands Explorateurs Presents A Touching Documentary Exploring Africa And Its Wonders

An Amazing Story by Amazing Creators!



Milan Bihlmann et Muammer Yilmaz. les grands explorateurs

Les Grands Explorateurs Is Celebrating Africa In A Real Way!

Curiosity has to be the most incredible human quality there is and Les Grands Explorateurs has been putting it on the forefront for the past 50 years!

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We are now entering an era where we want to know more about what is going on on the other side of the world.

How people are living, their culture and what is their reality compared to ours.


Sometimes the depiction of such reality is either unfair or made to look down at somebody. Other times, filmmakers have the challenge to depict a reality in a way to uplift what other cultures are bringing to the table.

Milan Bihlmann and Muammer Yilmaz are two filmmakers who know where they stand when it comes to that.

Rêves D’Afrique” is the epidemy of that. The two filmmakers decided to go to 7 countries in Africa to not only paint the picture for the world but to give the good people out there something we forget to give one another : ”a piece of yourself’.

Armed with a backpack, film gear and true altruism, the duo spread love and good deeds wherever they could throughout their trip.


Watch The Trailer

Les Grands Explorateurs being this platform to uncover the world made the right choice by adding this beautiful piece to their program.

Up until November 1st, you still have the chance to see the beautiful piece in theater and then online starting November 2nd.

Tickets Here


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Isabelle Mugwaneza Desmarais: An Unlikely Journey For An Unlikely Unique Success Story



isabelle mugwaneza desmarais

A Change Is Coming…Finally?

I grew up in the 90’s and although we can only realize it now but seeing people like Isabelle Mugwaneza Desmarais striving in a space where not a lot of us do is what was missing this whole time.

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The thing about representation is that you won’t know you need it until you need it. As most of us were just looking at society, we didn’t see ourselves but also normalized it.

I think Isabelle saw something that we couldn’t see in ourselves. The truth is not at the extreme it’s right in the middle. The intersection between being different but also a part of the ecosystem was what she saw.


Representation is not about doing what’s right because it’s right but more so because it needs to be done.

Starting her career in the public sector wasn’t a thrill anymore. Then she did some soul searching and probably came to the conclusion we all come to at some point in our existence:

Life Is A Joke

For her it was literal though. She figured out that humor and the business around it was her calling so what was the first step? Becoming a comedian herself and teach a thing or two to Dave Chappelle?

What about producing your own show with up and coming artists? Well, for Isabelle Mugwaneza Desmarais the start of this new chapter was simple as getting a non-paid internship.


Just For Laughs became her new home and with that started her mission to be at the forefront of what the landscape in comedy was to become.

Through thick and thin, work and dedication, intuition and know-how, she pulled through and the big way too!

Isabelle Mugwaneza Desmarais became the director of ZooFest. With her pulse on the scene, she fought and pushed for upcoming talents that are more than just tanned.

We’re seeing more BIPOCs getting a chance on stage and I would like to believe that this is just the beginning.


Speaking of ZooFest, if you want to see for yourself how this festival has grown in diversity and get a good kick out of it. You still have the opportunity to do so tomorrow as the last day of the celebration

With french performers like Lenny M’BungaAZMarine EllaMeryem BenouaAyoub Marceau & Hugo.

Live podcasting will also be a part of the last run of the show. In the corner of Jeanne-Mance & Maisonneuve, you can can get a good view, a good potential date, you get to see greatness in all shapes, size or color AND of course a good laugh!


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