Chill Tuesday Night Vibes At Kalmunity Vibe Collective

Can You Feel The Vibe?

Chill Tuesday Night Vibes At Kalmunity Vibe Collective

Kalmunity Vibe :  Collectively Amazing!

Kalmunity Vibe Collective is a collaboration between artists using their voices through song , spoken word and rap against a background of a live band. These are very talented and passionate people who come together every Tuesday evening at 8:30pm.

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Each week they have a different headliner. The performance is as real as it can get. The performers truly define “ organic improve”. It is very easy to let your worries go at Kalmunity. The artists make it easy for the audience to get into the music. In no time you’ll be bobbing your head to the beat.

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I attended Kalmunity at their new location at Café Campus ( 57 Rue Prince Arthur E). I had previously attended Kalmunity at their old location at Les Bobards on St. Laurent back in the summer of 2012. At their new location they have more stage space for the performing artists. At the Les Bobards location, the front row was reserved for the artists who were performing that evening.In 2016 they have not lost any of their chill vibe that I remember from that summer four years ago. The new location gives more of a cabaret type feeling , which really helps set a relaxed mood for the people in the audience. I would advise that you arrive early to ensure you get a seat of your choice.

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As it turned out on Tuesday it was ladies’ night ( two for the price of one, $10). There were two parts to the total performance with a break in the middle.The performers ( Lady Katalyst , Nora Toutain, Malika Tirolien & Rabbit Richards alongside Jahsun (Drums) James Challenger (Bass) Eesees (Keyboards) Nadine Altounji (Guitar) Karl Peralt (Percussion)… we were also Joined by Lady Oracle (DJ) and Wayne Tennant, Fabrice Koffy, Preach, Rawnia & MC June) took turns on the stage reading from their notebooks or doing on the spot singing with the band in the background alternating beats. All of the artists share a similar stage presence and have the ability to work off each other. The feature act Lady Katalyst shared two of her spoken word pieces to start off the second set. The first piece shared was about the issue of race and police brutality. The second piece was inspired by Prince. I was blown away by the passion with which Lady Katalyst spoke.

I was very impressed by Kalmunity Vibe Collective. It was truly a great experience. I encourage you if you’re ever free on a Tuesday evening to go to Kalmunity Vibe Collective at Café Campus. You will not be disappointed!


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