If You’re A Car Lover, Formule Peel & Peel Paddock Are The Places To Be Next Week

The Grand Prix Events You Can’t Miss

If You  8217 re A Car Lover  Formule Peel   038  Peel Paddock Are The Places To Be Next Week

Formule Peel, The Grand Prix Spirit In Full Speed

Formule Peel is the annual event that sets the city on fire for a week straight. Car lovers, international artists, djs, artists, mom and pops are all gathering on Peel street for a 3 things: nice cars, nice food and nice people

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Now on its 5th edition, Formule Peel is back again and so does the wildness.

Set on Peel street between Sherbrooke & Ste-Catherine, 50 000 people will be attending the Grand Prix festivities in the course of the week.

formule peel, grand prix, peel street montreal

Cc: formule peel

For the occasion, Porsche is celebrating its 70th birthday with a sky-open museum with their timeless models for your eyes to see.

formule peel, montreal grand prix

Cc: Formule Peel

In addition to the super cars floating around Peel street, the nearby restaurants will offer special menus and entrees for the public.

formule peel, montreal grand prix,

Cc; Formule Peel

from 11:00 till 3 in the morning, with Patrice Brisebois as their spokesperson. It’s a free experience you can’t miss!

The Peel Paddock Experience

Speaking of experiences you can’t miss. Peel Paddock is opening their doors for the occasion.

Half-club half-pop-up for the Grand Prix, Peel Paddock brings all the fun to formula 1!

peel paddock, formule peel, montreal grand prix

Cc: Peel Paddock


Live music, a terrasse experience and the incredible view of Peel street. Peel Paddock is the place to be for a good drink and a good time.

The best djs and the vibes from the best city in the world when it comes to formula 1. It’s a rendez-vous.

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