Watch Post Malone Perform White Iverson In Montreal

Watch Post Malone Perform White Iverson In Montreal!

A Closer Look At What Happens When Post Malone Perform White Iverson!

Yesterday Post Malone was in Montreal for Mural Festival and the first thing I had in mind was : ”I can’t wait to see how Post Malone perform White Iverson”.

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When the organizers at Mural Festival finally announced who would headline the first day of the festival, We knew it would be a show and prove type of situation for Malone.

Usually artists who sing in their tracks are not good performers on stage.  As you may know, autotune is great to hear but it’s more deceiving than your last Tinder date (you know it’s true)!

That being said, we can now honestly say that Post Malone can actually rock a crowd and create the same energy we’ve seen many times in his music.

He performed some of his greatest hits such as ”Congratulations”, ” Big Lie”, ”Up There” and even his ”Window Shopper Remix”.

Although the fans we’re very into, you could from our energy that what we really wanted was a ”White Iverson” moment.  At this point of his career, Malone is probably totally aware that fans expect him to deliver especially for this and all ”Too Young” which is another big song he has.

When Post Malone perform White Iverson,  everything in the environment changes. The energy of the crowd, Malone’s presence on stage and if you close your eyes for a quick sec, you could feel that the fans are genuinely in love with the song!

It definitely caught us by surprise, it was our first time seeing Post Malone perform White Iverson and to be honest he did a great job (although some may think he was lip singing, we were close enough to tell that he’s legit!)

Watch Post Malone Perform White Iverson!


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