Charlamagne Tha God Is Coming To Montreal For A Talk On Mental Health & Finances

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Charlamagne Tha God Is Coming To Montreal For A Talk On Mental Health   038  Finances

Charlamagne Tha God, The Man, The Myth, In The Flesh, In Your City This Weekend

Charlamagne Tha God , a national radio host, a TV executive, a New York bestselling author and most of all our go-to-guy to push the right buttons of our favorite artists.

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Over the years one thing remained with the often times controversial radio personality, Charlamagne Tha God lives his truth and he’s not afraid to say it loud.

His recent books ”Black Priviledge” and ”Shook Ones” are both candid and takes us as a reader inside the mind of a man who made a name for himself by expressing

how he truly feels regardless of how it comes off or who it might piss.

Deeper than that, Charlamagne as transitioned into a mogul in his own right. Giving talks around the US and overseas, publishing books and being involve in the community put him  in the same conversation as the Tony Robbins or Brian Tracy‘s of the world.

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The main difference resides here, here’s a speaker you can actually relate to as a black man or woman.

He speaks the language of the urban community. Shares experiences that somehow someway some of us went through.

If you’ve read his previous work, Charlamagne gives you insights with a no BS attitude about that really hit you the way it should.

If you didn’t get the chance to catch with what he’s up, tomorrow is your chance!

Indeed, Influence Orbis is bringing the God himself in town for an intimate moment with Montrealers from all over the city.

In the session, you will get to tackle important topics such as health in the physical, mental and financial ways.

Speaking from experience, there’s also a lineup of local entrepreneurs who will gladly share their wisdom with the crowd and create a moment to remember.

If you’re into networking, bonding over topics that matter or just learning a few things about yourself/the world while you’re at it. Join us Saturday 27th at Workbase (486 Ste-Catherine) for another successful event by Influence Orbis.


Saturday 27th



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