This Escape Room Is The Best To Get Away From Montreal & Have A Good Time

Are you Horacio or Columbo, Let’s find out!

This Escape Room Is The Best To Get Away From Montreal   038  Have A Good Time

An Escape Room That Takes You Back In Time!

Escape rooms are a rather new phenomenon in Quebec and it’s still exploding at this very moment. Some of them have difficult enigmas, immersive experiences, theatrical performances and most recently I’ve found one who challenges

whether you had paid attention in history class (which I’m sure you did).

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What if you could combine a 1 hour road trip and the pleasure of testing your IQ with 4 to 8 of your friends, family members or kids?

Serpents Noirs offers just that but there’s a twist.

Located in Ste-Adèle, this new kind of escape room immerses you in the history of the area in the form of a conspiracy theory.

Serpents Noirs puts you in a universe where historical facts have been modified or deleted and that’s where your inner Columbo comes into play.

With 5 components, your mission is to restored the facts, make it out the escape room and live to tell it (Maybe not to that extreme but you get the idea)

Presented by Trik Truk, whose been a leader in the entertainment world for a while. This experience will test your ability to communicate in team, sharpen your intuition and see if you have what it takes to resolve the enigma.

Many challenges will come your way, mysteries and artifacts from the past will be on display. I think it’s the best of both worlds between learning and having fun while doing it.

As of this month up until September 2nd, you can take your love ones for a treat and see if you’re up to the task.

A Road trip, a chance to remind the world why Horacio from CSI Miami ain’t got nothing on me and just the idea of spending time with my team; count me in!



Place des citoyens
999, boulevard de Sainte-Adèle  J8B 2N4





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