Thierry Lindor And His Team Gave The City A Reason To Celebrate At Their Last Event With Charlamagne

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Thierry Lindor And His Team Gave The City A Reason To Celebrate At Their Last Event With Charlamagne

Thierry Lindor As I See Him

Over the course of a week, Thierry Lindor went from a local entrepreneur with a ”fiche parfaite’‘ to a national person of interest in the Quebecor machine. We know how it goes, when shit hits the fan, some pick sides, some reveal their true nature but as long the debate exists, we can then ask ourselves the real questions.

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I won’t play the judge, jury or the executioner and neither should you. I’m here to tell my readers to keep their eyes on the bigger picture.

Most of all, I’m here to tell you how I came to see and understand a man named Thierry Lindor .

thierry lindor, dominique anglade


My perspective is based on my few encounters with the man and my presence at different past events produced by Influence Orb.

As recent as yesterday at their Charlamagne Tha God event (July 27th).

I’d like to get it out early in the conversation, I am a black man of Haitian descent born and raised in Montreal.

More specifically raised in the east end of the city where…I mean we all saw the footage of the Montreal-North riots so you know what time it is.

I’m not pulling out the racial card here just yet but this alone shapes how I view and understand who Thierry Lindor is.

For people like me, he’s a man who went above his circumstances to win. Which is respectable in itself.

A guy who did push barriers in the real estate industry and could’ve kept it going. So far not just a bold statement, this is documented.

Perhaps, there are subtleties in life that tell me more about a man’s character than any milestone or material can.

Once again, I’d like to point out that I’m a black man of Haitian descent born and raised in Montreal (trust me I’m going somewhere with this).

I’m not totally unfamiliar with seeing another black man doing it big; actually quite the opposite.

Sadly enough, I’m more familiar with seeing another black man doing it big only to never try to come back and uplift other people.

That being said, in my book, that’s what first caught my attention about Thierry Lindor.

I don’t need to pinpoint what went down this week in the media.

I rather take you straight to the comfort of my home where I had an ”Ha Ha” moment in the shower while reading the headlines.

While my soap dropped for the 5th time because I’m that clumsy, I had an epiphany.

My eyes dilated as the forbidden truth was sinking in. Feeling proud of still being able to hunch so many times as I gave myself a mental pat on the back, I yelled half-happy-half-triggered :

”It Really Doesn’t Matter!”

Whether you subscribe to conspiracy theories.

Whether you type in #theydontwantustowin or #jesuisthierrylindor till your phalanges collapse or even if you’re on the other side of the argument, spreading the ”agent immobilier douteux” headline left and right or sending Dominique Aglande to the lions.

At The End Of The Day, They’re Both Casualties

Of A Bigger War.

Do I need to expand or do you get my point? Did Thierry Lindor do it?

Is he like Oj Simpson speeding through in a beat up broncos on a highway called social media?

Is Quebecor media making him the MLK of our time?

So many questions who shall and will remain unanswered and you know why? Here comes a shocker:

It Really Doesn’t Matter!


Let me tell you what does though. Seeing people get together and create long lasting changes does.

Seeing minorities owning their narrative does.

Seeing the have-nots becoming powerhouses in their respective fields does.

The rest is….well it’s called the rest for a reason.

It’s like we were sitting ringside as we watch Thierry Lindor rumble in the jungle with a million dollar media conglomerate.

For some it’s entertaining because the outcome seems uncertain and exciting.

For others it brings out the best or the worst.

For a sad majority, the back and forth wakes up their inner sheep.

Whether you like his approach or not, all I could think of is how nowadays, anyone with a voice has a chance to at least hold their own against the machine.

Yesterday I was at Influence Orb‘s Charlamagne Tha God event.

thierry lindor, influence orb, charlamagne tha god, lenard mckelvey, black priviledge, workbase montreal

Cc: Cid Merisier

An intimate session (hundred people and some change) with a man who was just like us not too long ago (bootstrapping while figuring it out).

I saw panels with local success stories that would probably never get to see the light of day if it wasn’t for a platform like this.

I saw people exchanging numbers and social media handles at the speed of life.

The energy was high, people took every word to the chin as if to say : ”Get Up and Get It”.

The energy was so high, that our team decided to capture some glimpse of it right here:

This is not ME being bias because I had a ”media pass”, this is me acknowledging something positive that WE actually need.

This is ME realizing that there is a middle ground between affordable and quality for conferences with sought after speakers that talk to US.

This is ME observing how people need to hear success stories to get that extra push to go about their journey.

This is ME seeing Charlamagne Tha God doing it for the love rather than the check.

thierry lindor, montreal real estate, workbase montreal, charlamagne tha god conference, charlamagne tha god book, thierry lindor, dominique anglade

Cc: Cid Merisier

Taking his time, having 1 to 1 Q&A sessions with game changers from the city.

Simply put, he was giving us more than some of the conferences I’ve attended in the past.

This is ME telling you that Thierry Lindor and his team made that happen.

This is US growing as a community on a different this scale.

A faster pace is set as a blink of an eye or a viral post can change years and years of being under the radar.

This is YOU realizing that going forward is a process. Sorta like wine, it gets better with time BUT with the right conditions and ingredients.

We need leaders, kingmakers, people who crossover and on top of all it all we need to move in unison.

Thierry Lindor has the right to defend himself and you have the right to be skeptical (and you should always be about everything).

While the comments are adding up at this very moment, we’re losing track of what matters.

What matters to me is to see you, him and her win. I guess, I came of age at a time where benefit of the doubt meant something.

I’m also grown enough to now measure a man’s heart over his impact.

I’m like that disciple who told Jesus to show him his palms. For certain things in life, I need to see it to believe it.

Finally, what I saw yesterday made me believe that we still have a long way to go but as long as there are individuals and groups

to keep their eyes on the bigger picture, we’ll do just fine.

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