Create & Instantly Print Your Favorite Animated Gifs with This New Camera

Back To The Future!

Create   038  Instantly Print Your Favorite Animated Gifs with This New Camera

Animated Gifs Will Never Be The Same Again!

For all my Twitter users in the place, especially if you’re a part of Black Twitter, you know the power of animated Gifs is limitless.

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What if those funny Gifs we randomly post on our walls could be right here in the palm of our hand? This is what a young genius named Abhishek Singh has made possible.

Over the course of four weeks, Singh built the camera from scratch, and thinks that now that he’s worked it all out, it could be built again in about half the time

Indeed, the young creator built this new gadget totally DIY style! Inspired by what Polaroid has done in the past, he changed the iconic polaroid sheet for a LCD screen that would grab the video recorded.

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Something really important to mention about this story, the young creator didn’t have any formal background in technology!

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He had to combine various skill sets to make it happen but he did what most of us don’t do : He took action!

This project is not necessarily a money grab, the new “Cool Thing” and so far the developer didn’t predict the product to hit the shelves anytime soon.

I think his goal was to challenge himself and do something out of the norm. Start with an idea and make it come to life which he did in only 4 weeks (crazy huh!?).

Beyond a potential commercial success, this gadget could be the prequel for something bigger. I remember watching a documentary about Samsung City in which they mentioned that videos printed on paper was the next thing. Abhisshek might be the mind to take us there.

The Young Prodigy Explains The Whole Process

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Even though it’s not as practical as an actual instant camera, is this something you would like to use?

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