Would You Say Aba & Preach Are The New Kings Of Comedy In MTL?

Seriously Funny!

Would You Say Aba   038  Preach Are The New Kings Of Comedy In MTL

Aba And Preach: The New Kings Of Comedy With A Conscious Twist!

With the rise of social media, platforms like “Juste Pour Rire” can’t dictate who we should consider as the kings of comedy anymore.

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Between the Louis-José Houdes & Rachid Badouris of the world; two comedians paved the way with just a camera and an insane work ethic!

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Cc: via Aba & Preach’s Facebook Page

If you didn’t figure out yet, the two comedians in question are Aba & Preach. Sometimes controversial, other times crazy but more often misunderstood.

Over time, the duo became a voice who could fill a void in the community. They could’ve play by the rules by making jokes about random things but they didn’t compromise.

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Cc: George Dutil

When You Read Between The Funny Moments And The “La Bouboune Est Belle“, You Understand That Their Humor Stands For Something Bigger Than A Good Laugh!

They tackle social issues in a funny way and based on the response, it was a great bet!

With over 24 000 fans on Facebook, thousands of subscribers on Youtube and a crazy viewership for each episode; Aba and Preach got their eyes on the throne right now!

Indeed, beyond their videos, the duo also does stand up shows, guest appearances in different platforms and most recently they started to throw parties for their fan base.

Today we will overview the main reasons we believe that Aba & Preach are the new kings of comedy in MTL (and potentially the funniest duo alive) !

#1 They Represent The Minority Proudly

Eddy King & Rachid Badouri were one of the firsts to integrate a bridge between the various cultures in the city in their content.

Aba & Preach took it to another level by really tapping into what most comedians might hush by fear of the backlash for their public image.

From racism to calling out the BS when something going on in the media, they will stand up and give you their opinions regardless of how you feel about it!

Numbers don’t lie, what was once considered as a minority is now a majority statistically. The duo is closing the gap by talking about the issues, cultural shocks & taboos of this new majority.

#2 They Tap Into The Hardest Topics You Can Think Of

What is off limit for you is definitely not off limit for the duo and guess what? The public keeps asking for more!

Indeed, relationships, racism, sex, their own wins and losses or their take on the political climate; anything goes.

No one is safe from Aba‘s accurate dialogs about whatever daily non-sense we don’t even notice sometimes. No one can escape from Preach‘s walking library status and the way he brings together historical facts and reference points.

#3 They Have An Incredible Connection To Their Fan Base

Some entertainers & web personalities often choose to become less and less accessible as their stardom rises.

For Aba and Preach, the fact that they never turned on the Boujie switch is what makes us love them even more.

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Cc: Aba And Preach’s youtube channel

Indeed, the two comedians never created their concept on a one way dialog. They get their fans involved, they respond to comments and it naturally flows.

Their Videos Often Feel Like You’re Actually Having A Real Conversation With Them.

On top of that, they take the time to remind their audience that they are still human beings, approachable and willing to exchange.

They’re not scared to admit when they did a mistake and they involve their community on a deeper level with cookouts and their shows.

Ps: At one point, Preach even delivered a pizza to a fan who asked them to do it as a joke in their inbox. I mean, how real is that?!

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