Becoming A Jedi For 1 Hour Is One Of The Most Unusual & Fun Activities To Do In Montreal

Sometimes you stumble upon the most unsual and yet interesting things on the internet.

Becoming A Jedi For 1 Hour Is One Of The Most Unusual   038  Fun Activities To Do In Montreal

Discovering Activities To Do In Montreal This Week

Out of all the activities to do in Montreal in the world, I never thought I’d stumble upon something that makes me reconnect with my childhood, workout and highlight my not-so-subtle lack of coordination.

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In our  last episode of our new web series ”Talkaboutable‘ in which we run around the city to try cool things and meet cool people. We’ve tried Force Academy.

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Force Academy is a martial art and stage play based activity that makes you dive inside the universe of Star Wars for an hour.

Let’s get this out of the way now, NO they don’t teach you how to talk like Yoda.

If you’re a fan, open-minded to new experiences or just someone who wants to have a good time; the Force Academy is the place to be.

They actually give you a light saber and teach you how apply the force (literally).

Offense moves, counterattacks and the basics of sword combat.

Either in a group setting or an individual class but I strongly recommend the group experience.

The animator guides you through the steps to becoming a full blown Jedi.

Once you’ve learned the basics, you get to create a choreography with your peers and present in front the group.

Time passes so fast, you won’t realize what you’ve experienced until the time is up.

If you’re looking for activities to do in Montreal, this is the 25$ you’ll invest this month.

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