5 Reasons Why You Should Pick New Brunswick For Your Next Vacations In Canada

New Brunswick is ”Canada’s Ocean Playground” and beyond its amazing landscape and out of this world seafood. There’s more to this province than what you might think!

5 Reasons Why You Should Pick New Brunswick For Your Next Vacations In Canada

New Brunswick Might Be Your Next Destination For Vacations In Canada

Exotic locations seem to be the primary focus whenever people travel but what if I told you that taking vacations IN Canada is actually becoming more and more popular.

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I see you screaming at the top of your lungs something around the lines of : Vacations in Canada?! How is that even considered vacations?

I was skeptical like you just a month ago, until I’ve found the equivalent of going to New Orleans, Europe while on a constant excursion in nature AND on Canadian soil.

That piece of paradise is called New Brunswick.

A couple weeks ago, we were invited by Tourisme Nouveau-Brunswick to discover how this province is really a gem in disguise.

I left the event feeling like I’ve just found a peaceful place and a cultural experience like no other.

For the occasion,  they took over Centre Phi in order to make us experience the province on a culinary and cultural level

Here’s how it went down

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So today we will give you 5 reasons why you should take New-Brunswick as your next location for vacations in Canada.

#1 The SeaFood Is Out Of This World

At the event, we had oysters, caviar, tartar, lobster and more.

New Brunswick, as a province, is part of the Maritimes (for those who had a time in geography , it means the province is surrounded by the Atlantic ocean).

Fishing being an ancestral tradition in the area, the food is taking freshly from the ocean directly to your plate.

All across the province, bars, restaurants give you a different taste of what seafood in New Brunswick is like.

#2 The Landscape Is Breathtaking

Far away from the skyscrapers, the grey fog of the city.

New Brunswick  takes you back in the arms of mother nature.

At least a dozen beaches to experience and some of the most interesting rock structures and forests that Canada has to offer.

You get to see whales, enjoy jet skis and everything possible to do on water, they got it (for real).

Indeed, the famous ”Rocher Percé” is still a once in a lifetime type of sight.

#3 Take The Road, Be Free

I don’t know for you but whenever I have the opportunity to make a road trip, I seize it!

6 hours from Montreal, it’s a different view than your usual itinerary to the border of the States.

and once again the sights and places are worth taking the time to explore.

#4 A Cultural Experience, Yes It Is

Quebec has its history and New Brunswick which is sort-of-kind-of  our cousin sure has its history too.

Acadians welcome tourists with open arms, educating them about their story of oppression but also of pride.

Many festivities, costume celebrations and cultural events are taking place during the summer and the energy is contagious.

#5 Taking Vacations In Canada Is Really A Thing

The world is bigger than Montreal, yes.

You don’t always need to go out of the country to live amazing experiences.

A lot of provinces, cities and even villages (yes I said villages) are there for you to explore.

If you don’t feel like taking a plane, if you want to take your time with it.

If you look somewhere not too similar but with a slight edge of familiarity than what we have in Quebec.

New Brunswick is the place to be.

After all, as they say up there, it’s still ”Canada’s Ocean Playground” right?

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