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We Sit Down With Corneille To Talk About His New Album ”Parce Qu’on Aime” & His Career

Corneille, the man who told you to look at her eyes first



corneille, parce qu'on aime

Corneille, The Artist, The Legend And A New Man

When I think about my childhood, Corneille is a name that pops up often. Now as I grown man, I still find myself debating whether or not if he meant it when he famously said ”j’ai d’abord remarqué tes yeux avant tes fesses”.

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That was definitely one the questions I had in mind as I was enjoying the serene atmosphere at L’Olympia for his album release yesterday.

Full house of course because who doesn’t need a bit of Corneille in his or her life?!


I was reminded that there’s still a love affair going on between Montreal and the singer and it was amazing to see.

With the release of his new album ”Parce Qu’on Aime”, a play on words for his incredible debut ”Parce Qu’on Vient De Loin”; We see a different side of Cornelius.

An artist’s craft has to mature with him and that’s what this album promises.

A return to the roots, a return to a sound that gave us pure laughter and tears at the same time.


Don’t take my words for it, stream it now and tell me what do you hear.

It was as if you pressed pause on his first work and fast forwarded to get an answer by his older self.

Corneille performed some of the songs and ”Manque De Sommeil” proved to be a powerful song especially live.


It wouldn’t be a successful night if we didn’t have the singer’s perspective about this new chapter of his career and you guys would’ve killed us.

We rushed backstage right after the show and we’ve had an incredible ”Tête À Tête” with him to talk about yes this new album and also to know if he actually lived his ”Rêves De Star

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What Do You About Corneille’s New Album?


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A Luxurious Circus Is Coming To The Formule Peel And You Can’t Miss It



Formule Peel is taking things up a notch this year in a real see-it-to-believe way!

It’s that time of the year where we get to thinking about what to do during Formula 1 and Formule Peel is by far the option that NEVER miss!

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Let me paint the picture. Peel street closed from Maisonneuve to Ste-Catherine, music blasting, racing cars, the crème de la crème of personalities and a plot twist you didn’t expect because why not?

Indeed, they’re bringing an hint of je-ne-sais-quoi to the famous Peel Paddock. A circus will take place while the crowd can showcase their best style.

It’s a celebration for Grand Prix and most of all something unique like Montreal only experience once or twice.


Acrobatics, gastronomic discoveries and ”showgirls” will be in the mix for a an experience that gathers people from all over the world just for you and I’s ultimate pleasure.

The festivities will be available from June 15th to June 18th. Do yourself a favor and let the energy of Peel street capture you.


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This New Men Product Line Might Be Your New Essentials For The Season



A Men Product Line With A Story To Tell…

I don’t know for you but I don’t buy off hype, maybe price and recommendation from credible sources but when I buy from a men product line; I like to buy their story.

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#SoisGentlemen by Stephanie Beauté is indeed not just a good men product line promising you the world, it’s a brand with a message and mission.

Its founder is a woman who happens to have lived a major part of her life in an abusive relationship.

Instead of closing on herself and let it take a toll her, she decided that she would make the difference by helping us men make the difference.

By taking care of ourselves with the right products, combined with the right smells.

It’s about taking the time to pamper ourselves and simultaneously boost our confidence.

It’s a reminder that if we take time to take care of ourselves, we can also be more conscious of how we treat people when we go outside.


The line also partners with la crème de la crème of our favorite media personalities like Patrice BernierJonas Tomalty and Pierre-Olivier Beaudoin.

The men product line comes in different essential kits  named the Pobeaudoin Box, the Patrice Box and the Jonas Box.

Filled with hydrating face serums, moisturizing creams and face scrubs.

Each kit ultimately comes with the same guarantee: it’s made out of natural products and as a man you can’t ask for better.

They’re currently on sale so head on to and see for yourself!

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Marie-Luce Béland Returns On The Music Scene Like She Never Left And It Sounds Fire



Marie-Luce Béland Gives Us A Taste Of What Music Is All bout

Marie Luce Béland has an interesting story we rarely hear in the music business. She came out the gate with a hit in 2006 when she was only 19 and while people might think that she would’ve went the teen star route she actually did the opposite; she went missing!

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Indeed with the release of ”Pleine Lune” in 2006, Marie Luce Béland, her energy, style and melodies were an undeniable part of the ecosystem in the music scene at the time.

Sometimes as bad as you want something you then realize that might not be enjoying it the way you thought you would.

Instead of pushing it to the extreme like we see some artists do, Marie simply decided to stop and focus on things that brought her joy instead.

Things like teaching young delinquents the art of expression, returning to school to perfect her craft or simply enjoying life with her significant other.

Never in a million years she would of thought that this new found balance would suddenly vanish when her and her partner decided to separate while having a young child.

Some people lose it all, some people drink, some people go to therapy. Marie-Luce Béland decided to sing and singing she did!

Following her gut she went somewhere no one who once had a hit single on radio would go: La Voix.

Reconnecting with fans, reconnecting with music and reconnecting with herself period. It was like a second birth captured live on TV.

Following the success of her appearance, the Trifluvienne artist released her single called ”Roméo” which is a great way to scream loud and clear : ”I’m back and i’m unapologetic about it”.


Currently mentionned as ”Succès De La Semaine” by the Palmarès Adisq, the young artist is going places

Roméo is already number 53 in the top 100 only one month after it came out. We’re looking forward to Marie-Luce Béland has in store and so should you!



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