Dorcel TV Is Expanding To Quebec And Let’s Be Honest You Couldn’t Wait

It’s Getting Hot In Here!

Dorcel TV Is Expanding To Quebec And Let  8217 s Be Honest You Couldn  8217 t Wait

Dorcel Tv Gives You Porn À La Française!

Adult movies is a lost art where sometimes bad acting and too-raw visuals often make it tasteless but Dorcel Tv restored the feeling.

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Regardless if my network on Linked In finds this article one day, I will say loud and clear that I’ve used pornographic material in my A day and I would still do it today (if I had time of course).

Now that I’ve put this out the way, let’s talk about what Dorcel Tv is, shall we?!

When you think about the adult film industry and related products, Dorcel is a name that automatically rings bell.

I would say that its a more refined and sophisticated version of what Playboy once was (when it used to be tasteful I mean).

The other difference, is that the company is mostly implemented in Europe where it pretty much runs the show.

Partnering up with Anne-Marie Losique who was a pioneer in Quebec for the adult content on television, Dorcel Tv is now on its way to takeover Canada!

A couple months ago, We’ve met Gregory Dorcel, to talk about what the channel is going to bring to viewers in Montreal, his success in the business and what his life might look like outside the office (because we all want to know right).

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As you can see, Mr. Dorcel is dynamic and intriguing man.

I was honestly going there to break some taboos and talk to him about the ins and outs of the industry (and jump start my career who knows).

The man I’ve met was very humble.

Passionate and business oriented which is not what you typically have in mind.

Talking to a man about how adult movies can be sophisticated and fascinating rather than…you know what was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Are adding Dorcel Tv to your current subscriptions? Let us know in the comment section now!

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