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Unleash The Sex Symbol In You With Hillynne Baptiste

It’s Getting Hot In Here!



hillyne baptiste model long boots photoshoot branding

Hillynne Baptiste : A Model Or A Sex Symbol?

Hillynne Baptiste is a young aspiring model that wanted to showcase her talent through our event called “Show Your Style”. She warned us that the temperature would rise as soon she walks; she was right!

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Miss Baptiste has the look, a sensual mix of elegance & sexiness without being too much. Simple, elegant and mysterious are the first things that come to your when you cross her path.


Today, we’ll finaly understand what Nelly meant when he said “it’s getting hot in here” a while ago

Hillynne Baptiste’s Style

hllynie baptiste model montrealgotstyle style fashion

Cc: Philippe Gassant

Miss Baptiste gave us an amazing session in which either her personal style and skills as a model were put on the forefront. She made 15 minutes look like a lifetime because of the energy she brought (for real).

We love her charisma and her unapologetic boldness. Since it was the end of the event, every member from the staff kept staring while she showed us why she’s the bomb.

Long leather boots have been a taboo for women for a whole, it’s weird how such a nice design could be stereotyped the way it was but this how the world turns.


Regardless of public opinion, Hillynne Baptiste gave a new meaning to the boots and clearly catches your attention from the get go.

hillynne baptiste mode montrealgotstyle

Cc: Philippe Gassant

She doesn’t need to do much, she just needs to be there and once you stare at her eyes, it’s inevitable, you’re hooked. That’s the power of a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin and confidence.

We personally believe that whatever she wears, she’ll give you a thousand reasons not scroll down because bold women always do!

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What If Tony Montana Was Actually The Biggest Hater Ever?

”All I Got In This World Is My Balls & My Word”



al pacino, iconic gangster, montrealgotstyle, hater, movie character

Tony Montana Was A Real Boss Or Just A Hater?

It’s funny what we retain from certain movies, I remember how I used to glorify Tony Montana when I first saw Scarface. Now that I’m an entrepreneur myself, I feel very different about the iconic Cuban gangster.

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Don’t get me wrong, Scarface is a phenomenal movie. It has influenced many different cultures whether it’s Hip Hop, Cinema and let’s not forget all of the Tony Montana’s famous lines.


We vividly remember the mansions he had, the cars, the hot woman, the lifestyle, his “balls and his words”  and the less reluctant part where he is sniffing his life away. My question to you is simple :

What Did Tony Had To Do To Get there?

Some people will pinpoint his business deals and the fact that he became a respected gangster in Little Havana. Others might think it’s because he was ruthless and had a Suge Knight type of approach to things.

In reality, none of this would’ve been possible if it wasn’t for the murder of Frank who was actually his boss. Think about it, Frank gave him everything, power, money and glory but at the end, Tony wanted the throne regardless of what he had to do for it.

Today we will highlight why Tony Montana was actually the biggest hater ever and not the gangster some of us revered even decades after!

tony montana,frank lopez, montreal, gangster movie,

Cc: Scarface The Movie

Tony Was Envious Of Others (Especially Frank)

It’s one thing to want a better life for yourself  but it’s another thing when this involves to take away everything from your boss.


In life, it seems like you either work your way up or you take someone else’s spot. Society makes you forget that it’s a predator versus prey world and we always admire those who toss the rules in the bushes.

Tony Montana was ambitious but it was always combined with a bitterness for the next man’s success. Tony would often feel upset about Frank’s lavish lifestyle, Frank’s wife and his power.

Feeling better, smarter and bigger than Frank; Tony made several moves behind Lopez’ back to the point where their partnership got close to the hedge.  What we saw as confidence and drive was in fact a lack of patience and judgement from Tony.

Frank told him that building an empire would take time and steps to achieve it. Even though Tony made it, we all know how the movie ends right?

manny ray, scarface the movie, al pacino, tony, montana, say hello to my little friend,

Cc: Scarface The Movie

Tony Couldn’t See His Best Friend Happier Than Him

Manny and Tony’s relationship was a tv moment in itself (at least before the end). We saw them as brothers trying to escape the struggle but as you know money and power divide men and they couldn’t escape that.

Beyond being partners in crime, business associates and cousins, they had a special bond. They’ve been through the worst together from the concentration camps to the chainsaw scene and they kept their eyes on the prize.

Further in the movie, we saw the worst from Tony Montana when he had his back against the wall. His wife turned her back on him and he was caught up between enemy lines. There’s only one person that was willing to stand by him  : Manny (and his “little friend” of course).

Everything was all good just a week ago” but then Manny got married; even worst, he got engaged to Tony’s sister. We can argue for hours about Montana’s strange relationship with his sister but that’s not the point here.


In fact, when you really think about it this wedding and love they had for each other was the only thing that Tony couldn’t buy or take by force. This was the missing link to his “dream life” and boss status.

As a competitive spirit and undercover hater, he shot his own friend and partner. In Montana’s mind it was loud and clear:

“If I Can’t Have This, You Can’t Neither!”


al pacino, movie scene, tony montana cocaine scene, montrealgotstyle

Cc: Tenor GIF Keyboard

Tony Got High On His Own Supply (On his Success Too)

When Tony got to the top, we saw that a major part of his downfall was the fact that he wasn’t clear minded due to his cocaine usage.

I always felt like this part of the movie was actually a metaphor that the viewer should figure out for himself. To me, it was a representation of Tony’s obsession about his success; his new drug.


For the most part, you would see him do coke when he would close a deal or when his business progressed. The drug you see him snort is actually a dangerous mix of his ego and his new “the world is mine” attitude.

This reminds us that no matter how successful you get, you should never look down at others or become delusional about your success. Tony had his taste of the good life but this feeling of superiority became an “addiction” to him.

My Two Cents

Even though Tony was not exactly how we first envisioned him, he remains an iconic character that still stimulates our imagination and admiration. We wanted to highlight the darker side of Tony and finally unveil the mask on his hating tendencies.

I think this fascination we have for Tony Montana reveals a lot of things about our society. Do we respect people for their real values or for what they can show us? Being a boss is represented materialistically or with way you act?


One thing is for sure, Alpacino made this character an enigma we couldn’t totally solve even decades later!

While We’re On The Subject

This Was Our Highlight Of The Movie


What Do You Think?

Does this article changes your point of view of the Cuban gangster? Do you think Tony Montana was a real boss or just a hater?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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Learn How A Teenager Invented The First Sneaker Pawn Shop (& Made It To Forbes)

The Youngest In Charge!



daily mail, montreal, entrepreneurship, sneaker pawn shop, chase reed, harlem

Chase Reed On How Him And His Dad Invented The First Sneaker Pawn Shop And Literally Built A Sneaker Empire!

The sneaker business is booming like never before, between retailers and lineup services, the industry seems flourishing but Chase Reed knows that very well since he has created a milestone for himself by implementing the first sneaker pawn shop ever!

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Indeed, this Harlem sneaker collector and his father have put all their sweat, blood and tears into this project and made a killing in the sneaker circuit with a fresh concept:


A Pawn Shop That Will Only Sell Sneakers.

When we first got in the his store located at (address) , we thought we were inside a regular sneaker store. Chase then explained to us what was the difference in his business model which made the sneaker pawn shop the success it is!

jordan sneakers, sneakerpawn usa, chase reed , harlem

Cc: Kicks Deal

Even though the interior design is setup as a sneaker store, the sneaker pawn shop doesn’t any of the shoes presented inside. Each shoe presentation is like a mini commercial space which the Reeds rent to sneakerheads so they can increase their chances of selling the sneakers faster.

The masterminds behind the first sneaker pawn shop took notes of every little detail because they also manage to get a small percentage of sales done in the shop.

Who Is Chase Reed?

Chase Reed is far from the average teenager/young adult, when we sat down with him and asked him key questions about how his idea came to life.

The 18 years old (at the time) entrepreneur gave us powerful insights about sacrifice, ambition and his dream of being the biggest sneakerhead in the world! He also opens up about how it is to have your father as your business partner and more


In this exclusive interview with did with the young mogul, you will definitely understand more why he deserve his mention in Forbes and how powerful this rags to riches story is!

Chase Reed In His Own Words


Does Entrepreneurship Has An Age Limit?

Meeting Chase Reed made me realize that age shouldn’t be a valuable excuse for not chasing your dreams. Do you think there’s a specific age to start a business or not?


Let us know in the comment section now!

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Watch Luis Fonsi Breaks Down The Meaning Of Despacito

You Gon Learn Today!



the meaning og despacito luis fonsi daddy yankee spanish music top charts

We Can Finally Understand The Meaning Of Despacito Word For Word!

Music is a universal language as you know, this is probably why a non-speaking-Spanish-listener like you and I can enjoy the work of Luis Fonsi without knowing the meaning of Despacito right?

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Since the “Gasolina” days, spanish music has entered pop culture in a major way . It brought  its own breed of Spanish celebrities. Names like Daddy Yankee, Wisin Y Yandel & Pitbull are now easily mentioned after the likes of the biggest pop stars .


Reggeaton & Spanish Music Are Back!

This time around with the smashing hit Despacito, we have a new face in the Spanish music making a name for himself : Luis Fonsi.

Indeed, he brought back Daddy Yankee to the deliver the Despacito hit and the world can’t get enough of it. Regardless of the language barrier, the overall vibes of the songs always resonated with me.

In this interview, Fonsi opens on how Justin Bieber decided to hop on the remix and how it all came together beautifully.

The Meaning Of Despacito

We’ve recently found an exclusive interview Genius in witch they break down the meaning of the hit song. I bet all our non-speaking-Spanish-readers will be very surprised to learn the meaning of Despacito.


Hit Or Miss?

When Gasolina came out, its impact was historical as you already know. So far Despacito is on every radio stations (this song actualy haunts me every morning) but will it last or it will fade away from the “summer hit” status?

What do you think about the song far and especially the numerous covers that came out of it? Does it deserves a spot in your playlist?

Let us know in the comment section now!

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