SMS Nico: Everyday Is My Own Runway!

Confidence Is Key!


Sms nico is an upcoming model we’ve watched grow over the years and we were proud to have him in our studios for our event called “show your style”.

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Nicolas aka SMS Nico never disappoints as you could see. His style is definitely current and a blend of different influences from the streetwear culture at large.

Dads hats, exclusive sneakers like the Yeezy boosts, oversized hoodies and his natural talent for modeling made him a highly demanded model in the city lately.

At first, you may think that he’s all about the hype since he’s rocking known brands but it isn’t hard to tell that Sms Nico knows how to add his own touch to an outfit.

Sms Nico’s style

yeezy boots lifestyle montrealgotstyle photoshoot

Cc: Yanissa Gp

Velour is not a word that makes you sound suave when you say it, it is a fabric that has been around as long as we can think about it. Sms Nico gave this symbolic fabric a new life with his amazing hoody (guess that Yeezy taught him well).

Speaking of Yeezy, the Yeezy season 3 military boots are probably the first thing we’ve notice when he came in. When a 6 foot 4 model comes in with the most sought after boots in the sneaker world : you can’t help but notice!

Once again, for this young fashion icon,  it’s all about combinations. He had adidas joggings, Yeezy boots and Nike socks at the same time even though both Phil Knight & Kanye West would kill him for this look.

sms nico modelfashion montrealgotstyle

Cc: Yanissa Gp

What’s apparent in the pictures is the confidence he displays in front of the camera. Model or not, it takes a tremendous amount of courage and self confidence to be able to show the world that you’re proud of how you dress regardless if you don’t follow the norm.

Sms Nico recently did a major fashion runway in front of 20 000 attendees. What seemed like a long journey with road blocks is becoming a profession slowly but surely.

We’re pretty sure he  will keep inspiring others and be the fashion killa we expect him to be

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